Oil Free Type Scroll Vacuum Pump

Oil Free Type Scroll Vacuum Pump

Oil Free of charge Scroll Vacuum Pump 

Positive aspects

one.No lubricant and cooling h2o.
2.No back-oil and injection oil.
three.Low noise and vibration.

4.The fixed and doing work scroll pan not touch right, lower vitality use.

five.The tremendous wearable sealing material, sturdy and trustworthy.

Oil cost-free scroll vacuum pump part and operating basic principle:

DCS series oil cost-free scroll vacuum pump is composed of pump head, motor, base, and many others. Pump head is made up of fixed scroll plate, kinetic scroll plate, crankshaft seal, supporter, pump scenario, etc. Scroll plate is composed of round flat and a single or multi-evolvent scroll plate wall, mounted scroll plate and kinetic scroll plate is the standard pumping construction of oil cost-free vacuum pump. Throughout processing, set 1 and kinetic 1 has no contact with every single other, generating crescent-formed shut compressing place, which is narrowing, via relative movement to inhale, compress, exhaust circularly, which helps make gasoline inhaled from inlet, fatigued from outlet, vacuumizing the chamber successfully.


  CZPT semiconductor CZPT and
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and test
Vacuum packing, storage    
vacuum furnace      
Exhaust platform    
Oven / freeze-drying  
Gas recovery/recycling
The refrigeration/Air conditioning pipeline vacuum          
The refrigeration/pipeline vacuum  
Laser vacuum        
Molecular pump prefix  
Process pre-vacuum    
leak detector  
Glove box    
Mass spectrometer        
CZPTtron microscopy        
High energy bunch / accelerator        
High vacuum test bed          
Sample preparation        


CZPT Prameters

Pumping speed 50HZ I/s 1 2 4.3 8.7 16.six
I/min 60 a hundred and twenty 258 522 996
m3/h three.six 7.two 15.five 31.3 fifty nine.eight
cfm 2.2 4.three nine.three 18.7 35.8
60HZ I/s 1.2 two.four five.one ten.4 19.nine
I/min 72 a hundred and forty four 306 624 1194
m3/h 4.3 eight.six eighteen.3 37.4 seventy one.six
cfm two.5 5.1 ten.nine 22.3 42.eight
Extreme Pressure Pa ≤10 ≤8. ≤2.six ≤1. ≤1.
Torr ≤7.5×10-two ≤6.0×10-two ≤1.9×10-2 ≤7.5×10-3 ≤7.5×10-3
mbar ≤1.0×10-1 ≤8.0×10-two ≤2.6×10-two ≤1.0×10-two ≤1.0×10-2
psi ≤1.4×10-three ≤1.2×10-three ≤3.8×10-four ≤1.4×10-four ≤1.4×10-four
Sound dB(A) ≤52 ≤57 ≤61 ≤63 ≤67
Leakage rate(Exhaust and gas valve closed) 1×10-5Pa·m3·s-1(1×10-6mbar·l·s-1)
Max inlet/discharge pressure MPa .1/.thirteen
Ambient temperature  ºC/F five~forty
Max water treatment capacity  G/h 50 60
Three phase output power KW/hp .15/.20 .25/.thirty .55/.seventy four .seventy five/one.00 one.fifty/2.00
Voltage VAC 380/220
Frequency Hz fifty/60
Rotation speed rpm 1410/1680
Single phase output power KW/hp .fifteen/.twenty .twenty five/.30 .55/.seventy four .75/1.00  
Voltage VAC 220/110
Frequency Hz fifty/60
Rotation speed rpm 1440/1680
Inlet/Outlet size mm KF25/sixteen KF40/16 KF40/16×2
Dimension mm 400×300×340 430×250×280 490×290×340 520×316×360 580×360×400
Net weight kg 13 18 32 38 fifty two
CZPT method Air cooling

*) Specifications are matter to alter without prior notice

Functionality Curve

About CZPT



Q : How several staff in CZPT Group?
A : About 400.

Q : How a lot of personnel in your manufacturing unit?
A : About 70.

Q : How many personnel in your intercontinental investing firm?
A : 20.We have salesman who can speak English,French,Russian,Spanish,Indonesian and Arabic.

Q : What is actually your factory’s creation capacity?
A : About 500 models for every month.

Q : What is the product sales volume of CZPT Group in a calendar year?
A : About USD 40,000,000.00 in 2014.

Q : What is the income volume of your international trading company  in a year?
A : About USD eight,000,000.00 in 2014,20% of the Team once-a-year revenue.

Q : How many models does CZPT export in 1 month?
A : About 50-100.

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Oil Free Type Scroll Vacuum Pump