Transformer Oil Insulating Oil High Grade New Oil Transformer Oil Imported Oil Double-Stage Vacuum Oil Filter

Transformer Oil Insulating Oil High Grade New Oil Transformer Oil Imported Oil Double-Stage Vacuum Oil Filter


1.DTG sequence transformer oil two-stage vacuum oil filter is primarily used for on-website routine maintenance of transformers in large-scale substations above 110kV and deep purification remedy of high-grade new oil, imported oil, transformer oil and extremely-large-voltage transformer oil.

2.It can be utilized in power plant, electricity station, electricity business, substation market, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railway and other industries for the routine maintenance and protected use of electricity technique and substation. It can also be utilised for vacuum oil injection, vacuum drying and scorching oil circulation of transformers.

three. It is far more useful to use this collection of plane in large altitude region.

Major technical parameters:

one Product no. DTG-twenty DTG-thirty DTG-50 DTG-one hundred DTG-a hundred and fifty DTG-two hundred DTG-300
2 Flow 1200L/h 1800L/h 3000L/h 6000L/h 9000 12000 18000
three Limit Vacuum (Pa) seven
four Doing work vacuum (Pa) 133
five Functioning strain (Mpa) .4
six Water articles in oil (ppm) ≤ 3 (GB/T600)
seven Fuel material in oil (%) ≤ 0.05 (GB/T423)
8 CZPT CZPT (μm) ≤3
9 Doing work Oil Temperature (ºC) 45ºC-65ºC
ten Oil breakdown voltage (KV) 70 – 75 (GB/T507)
11 Power provide 380V±10%, 50Hz or 60Hz (Can be CZPT)
12 Whole energy(KW)    23 twenty five 45 sixty five 86 108 one hundred sixty
13 Inlet and outlet pipe diameter (mm)    25 25 32 40 45 50 60
14 Internet weight (kg)    280 320 580 800 900 one thousand 1200
fifteen Demension(cm)
one hundred*eighty*a hundred and forty a hundred*eighty*150 120*ninety*150 150*110*a hundred and seventy one hundred seventy*120*a hundred and eighty a hundred and eighty*one hundred thirty*a hundred ninety 200*150*210


DTG collection of high-performance two-phase vacuum oil filters adopt vacuum unfavorable force principle, 3-dimensional stereo flash evaporation, movie evaporation technologies, through multi-phase precision filtration, reliably take away particulate impurities, dust and oil contained in unqualified insulating oil (such as transformer oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, transformer oil, swap oil, and many others.). Sludge and sediment, trace dampness, etc., therefore strengthening the insulation and voltage resistance of oil. It is suitable for oil pumping and oil injection remedy of transformers on site, and can also be utilised for overhaul, installation and upkeep of substantial-voltage electricity gear, as well as vacuum sizzling oil drying of oil-filled electrical products. Broadly utilized in energy vegetation, substations, electricity companies, energy supply stations, transformer manufacturing plants, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries of rapidly and deep purification of insulating oil.

1) It adopted the separation technologies of ZheJiang Aviation Army coalescence separation system, large-effectiveness vacuum dehydration, degassing and impurity remova. It has higher oil purification efficiency for the industrial oil such as turbine oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, so that the filtered oil can satisfy the use CZPT.

2) Compact construction: it adopts the construction of removing filter factor without having tools, so it is hassle-free and swift to exchange filter element.

3) Equipped with infrared defoaming device: instantly eliminate the oil bubble in the vacuum tank, so as to keep away from the injury of the vacuum pump triggered by the oil bubble inhalation into the vacuum pump.

4) Geared up with filter aspect air pollution alarm: when pollution of the filter element is completely absorbed, the whole equipment will routinely quit operating and give an alarm to cease and prompt to substitute the filter factor.

5) Developed in heater: heating effectiveness, heat preservation efficiency, heating velocity, and so on. are excellent to the exact same sector level.

6) Low energy density tubular heating aspect is adopted, built-in oil lack safety and digital display constant temperature handle unit, which will not trigger dry burning and oil cracking of oiler below any conditions, and the total equipment can be operated on-line.

7) The oil transfer pump works stably with lower sound.

8) When the products is commenced, the sound is steady and minimal. For the duration of standard operation, the oil pump does not empty and the motor does not run beneath load. In circumstance of any irregular issue, the alarm can be routinely provided, so as to achieve the automated and reputable security of the main gear and ensure the risk-free and constant operation of the oil filter for a prolonged time.

nine) The equipment is equipped with automatic drainage technique, computerized anti oil leakage gadget, automated oil level manage, computerized alarm and shutdown to avoid the oil leakage of vacuum oil filter.

10) The bottom of the total equipment is outfitted with a bearing caster for handy movement.

12) Quick connector is employed for oil inlet and outlet pipe, which is handy to use.

13) The equipment has secure efficiency and avoids the problems of changing each valve soon after starting the widespread oil filter.

Major elements and features:

The tools is made up of 9 parts: body, oil filter technique, heating technique, vacuum method, separation program, condensation technique, oil transportation system, pipeline valve method and digital management method.

1. Body: This is movable. There are 4 large-responsibility rollers installed beneath for simple movement. All elements of the oil filter are mounted on it to ensure the trustworthy operation of the complete machine.

2.Oil filtration technique is composed of coarse filtration, 1st-stage filtration and CZPT-phase wonderful filtration. The filter component adopts high-high quality filter aspect with huge filtering location, huge contamination capability and large filtering accuracy. In get to boost the top quality of oil, various impurities and suspended solids in oil can be filtered quickly by progressive infill filtration.

three.The heating program is made up of heater A, heater B and temperature control show.

4.The vacuum system is made up of rotary vane vacuum pump and Roots pump. Opening the rotary vane vacuum pump can make the program achieve the initial vacuum condition. After the technique reaches the preliminary vacuum point out, opening the Roots pump can make the program acquire high vacuum. In the situation of higher vacuum and massive pumping speed, it can quickly eliminate all types of dangerous gases and trace humidity in the purified oil, which can drastically increase the breakdown voltage benefit of the oil right after filtration, shorten the oil therapy period of time, and lessen the hazards of oil ageing triggered by recurring heating and filtration of common oil filters.


5.The separation technique consists of an oil inlet solenoid valve, an atomizer, a gasoline-liquid separation tower, an observation window and a liquid degree controller.


6.The condensation technique consists of primary condensation and CZPTary condensation. In addition to condensation operate, the condenser also has steam-h2o separation perform, which can efficiently get rid of h2o, avert water from coming into the vacuum pump to emulsify the vacuum pump oil, and lengthen the service life of the vacuum pump.


seven.The oil shipping technique consists of an oil pump, a stress gauge, an oil discharge valve, a sampling valve and an oil discharge valve.


eight.CZPT valve system is composed of intake pipeline, outlet pipeline, vacuum pipeline, a variety of guide valves and a variety of solenoid valves. It is a bridge connecting a variety of factors. The inlet and outlet tubing joints are all quick-modifying joints, which are reliable in sealing and practical in operation.

9. The electronic control method is the centralized manage heart of the entire machine. Most of the handle elements are put in in the digital handle cupboard. The upper portion of the cupboard panel is equipped with a large-precision shock-evidence vacuum gauge and a substantial-precision shock-proof stress gauge, which are employed to show the doing work vacuum of the technique and the functioning pressure of the oil output program. The names of different control buttons and indicator lights at the decrease portion of the cupboard panel are as follows:

Amid the earlier mentioned buttons, the “Master stop/Reset” button is a compound button with self-locking function. The “Master end/Reset” button can be pressed after to lower off all the manage electrical power of the program. Only when the “Master stop/Reset” button is rotated clockwise, can the control power of the system be restored.

In addition to a variety of handbook features, the electrical system has the pursuing automated capabilities.
(one) CZPT control of heating temperature.
(2) CZPT manage of oil level in separation tower.
(three) Oil foam is eradicated automatically.
(four) CZPT alarm of excessive force in filtering program
(5) CZPT security of electricity failure.

This arrangement refers to the CZPT of “JB / 5285-2008 vacuum oil purifier machinery market”.


Sr Decription Qty
one Inlet/outlet oil tube 2
two Hook two
3 Opearting guide one pc
four Calibration report 1 pc

Optional products for customers:
one. Frequency converter, movement price can be selected in accordance to requirements
2. Circulation meter with accumulation perform
three. On line dampness detector and on-line particle detector
four. PLC intelligent control, contact display screen and dynamic exhibit
five. Large high quality imported energy parts, filter areas and electrical components to boost tools efficiency
six. Evacuation program of exterior link to transformer.

CZPT gear as for every consumers specifications:
one. The complete equipment mechanism can be manufactured into cellular and set sort
two. Completely closed and open up kind can be produced
3. Select the tools shade in accordance to the requirements
4. The total equipment can be manufactured into oil filter with plate and frame, which has much better filtering influence for oil with far more impurities


Transformer Oil Insulating Oil High Grade New Oil Transformer Oil Imported Oil Double-Stage Vacuum Oil Filter