Turbo-H1800-M Turbomolecular Pumps

Turbo-H1800-M Turbomolecular Pumps


Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps

Hokaido vacuum pump has a complete line of turbomolecular pumps with pumping speeds ranging from ten to 2,700 L/s. The pump is cost-effective and has flexible installation techniques. It has been proven that the bearing techniques give more optimized trustworthiness.

Software regions: vacuum exhausted desk, material purification, vacuum furnace, vacuum sintering, vacuum coating business, laboratory apps, and so on.


Pumping pace:   1800 L/s

Greatest strain:  5×10-six Pa

Monolithic rotor

Resistance to atmospheric shock

Can take away dusty gasoline

Can perform repeatedly beneath the condition of high vacuum and lower vacuum

Substantial temperature resistance

Simple to maintain

CZPT data Device Turbo-H1800-M
Pumping pace L/s 1800
Final pressure Pa 5×10-6
Max pre-stress Pa 4000
For N2 107
For Htwo 1×10three
Resistant environment pressure or not of course
Motor velocity r/min 24000
CZPTt time min <10
Volume of lubricant oil ml 260
Installation approaches vertical
CZPT methods Drinking water cooling
CZPT h2o intake L/h ninety
CZPT water temperature ºC <24
Baking temperature ºC 100±10
Air inlet diameter mm DN250
Air outlet diameter mm KF40


Turbo-H1800-M Turbomolecular Pumps