Sauer Hydraulic Pump 42r51 From China for Use in Underground Scoopterm

Sauer Hydraulic Pump 42r51 From China for Use in Underground Scoopterm

SAUER CZPT pump 42R51 from china for use in Underground Scoopterm

CZPT piston pump Sauer CZPT 42R sequence 42R28, 42R32, 42R41, 42R51
42L sequence 42L28, 42L32, 42L41, 42L51


Measurement 28, 32, forty one, fifty one
Sequence 42
Maximum masses of 345 bar (5000 psi)
Manage kinds: MDC, FNR, NFPH, NFPE, HC-EDC, EDC
Variable displacement axial piston pump of swash plate design The Collection forty two pumps are innovative hydrostatic units developed for “medium electricity” applications with optimum hundreds of 350 bar (5000 psi). These pumps can be combined with a suitable Sauer-Sundstrand motor or other products in a technique to transfer and manage hydraulic power. The Collection forty two variable displacement pump is a compact, high energy density device, utilizing the parallel axial piston / slipper notion in conjunction with a tillable swash plate to vary the pump’s displacement. Reversing the angle of the swash plate reverses the flow of oil from the pump, and thus reverses the route of rotation of the motor output. Series 42 pumps supply an infinitely variable pace variety amongst zero and greatest in each forward and reverse modes of operation. Series forty two pumps use a cradle swash plate design with a hydraulic servo management cylinder. Manage is presented via a compact servo handle method. A decision of servo controls are accessible.
These incorporate mechanically- or electrically-actuated comments controls, hydraulic or electric powered proportional controls, and a three-position electrical management. These controls are made for low hysteresis and responsive performance.
– Collection forty two – CZPT CZPT Nowadays
– 2 Sizes of Variable Displacement Pumps
– CZPT Household of Management Programs
– Proven Dependability and Functionality
– Ideal Merchandise Configurations
– Compact Profile
– Quiet Procedure

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CZPT Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, with no efficiency and tolerances values rounded)

Dimensions 28 32 41 51
Displacement    cm3[in3] 28 [1.71] 31.eight [1.94] 40.9 [2.fifty] 51 [three.eleven]
mass minute of inertia
kg•m2 [lbf•ft2]
variety of front mounting flange SAE B
Port connections SAE-twin ports, radial
technique strain regulation
bar [psi]
one hundred forty-415
a hundred and forty-345
Displacement  limiters Option
enter shaft choices Splined, Round Straight Key
auxiliary mounting pad SAE A (9 tooth and eleven tooth) SAE B (13 tooth and 15 tooth)
Management alternatives MDC, FNR, NFPH, NFPE, HC-EDC, EDC
filtration configuration Suction or demand stress filtration
loop flushing Selection
weight  kgf [lbf ] 34.five [76] 34.five [76] 42 [92] forty two [ninety two]


Sauer Hydraulic Pump 42r51 From China for Use in Underground Scoopterm