Glass Vacuum Manipulator

Glass Vacuum Manipulator

glass vacuum manipulator

  1. Principal Functions

1. CZPTtric movable manipulator for lifting, transporting and managing panel resources.
two. Security protection by closed vacuum circuits system and vacuum computerized compensation program.
three. Each vacuum circuit consists of Thomas brand vacuum pump and vacuum pressure swap, vacuum modulator and filter.
four. Sign light-weight reveal a decrease in vacuum, meanwhile vacuum routinely replenishes.
5. CZPTtric hydraulic pump for lifting, up and down tilting, arm extension and shortening.
6. CZPT for remaining and correct tilting and rotation 360 degree with stopping any angles among ranges.
7. CZPT change manipulator left and appropriate 100mm to match up the right placement.
8. Easily to electric transfer and drive all around by driving deal with.
eleven. Two-row arrangement of suction cups, totally 6 cups with every single 300mm diameter.
twelve. Energy supply by rechargeable batteries 24V DC with battery gauge indicating the batteries quantity.
thirteen. CZPT box at the delicate placement with buttons, straightforward to run vacuum and handling performances.


  1. Technological Info
Design SH-Automobile-500
Risk-free Working Load 500 kg
Aspect of Security two.five
CZPTn Method CZPTtric system, vacuum program, hydraulic program
Suction Cup Round sucker NBR content oil & abrasion resistance suction 330kgf area adjustable with buffer spring for height payment
No. & Size of Cups 8 pads 300mm diameter
Structure Steel materials ergonomic style
Max. Glass Measurement 5000mm (L) x 2000mm (W) x 4-25mm (T)
Min. Glass Dimensions 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 4-25mm (T)
Regular Operating Electrical power 24V DC batteries
Sounds Amount < 60 Db
Driving CZPTtric driving around with handle
CZPT CZPTtric hydraulic carry up and down up to 3800mm from the ground
Extension CZPTtric hydraulic lengthen or shorten the arm
Positioning CZPTtric hydraulic alter and position still left and right 100mm
Tilting CZPTtric hydraulic tilt up and down
Rotation Motorized rotating 360 diploma
Turning Motorized switch still left and right
Security CZPT Closed vacuum circuits and vacuum payment method
Handle Strategy Buttons on the manage panel
Application Lift and manage panel materials inside manufacturing unit or outside the house initiatives. 
Size (mm) 3000mm (L) * 1050mm (W) * 1700mm (H)
Weight (kg) 1200kg


  1. Video

You can verify the online video in the youtube with link



five.Packing & Delivery




Glass Vacuum Manipulator