Carbon Graphite Seal Ring Mechanical Sealing Alloy

Carbon Graphite Seal Ring Mechanical Sealing Alloy

Thanks to the figures these kinds of as lubrication,warmth resistance,chemical balance,and so on,the CZPT graphite resources are extensively used in substantial temperature,acid,alkali answer,organic solvents and other fields.Our organization has the corresponding substantial-quslity graphite components ,can meet up with the demands of consumers for need preparation.

Self lubrication
The layered crystal framework of graphite content allows its self lubrication,under non-lubricating standing,graphite have characteristics this sort of as smaller friction coefficient,reduced abrasiveness when when compared with other materials.

Substantial temperature resistance
Temperature modifications have no important passion on graphite’s mechanical strength and self lubrication.

CZPT Steadiness
Aside from some inorganic medications(sturdy acid),graphite has the ability of resisting chemical reaction.

Warmth shock resistance
In contrast with the metal resources,graphite has character such as tiny
thermal growth charge and outstanding thermal conductivity,consequently,when the rapid temperature modify takes place,the material has no obvious alter.

Conductive to Light-weight Style
Compared with the metal materials,graphite have a smaller sized density,so it is simple to mild the weight of the mechanic and decrease the vibration sounds.

CZPT materials used for mechanical automotive,electrical,petrochemical and machinery industries,to supply the essential carbon graphite componentsmainly utilized in dry rotary vane
compressors and vacuum pumpsrotary compressor,screw compressor,fan,and the radial axis with sealing ring and sealing ringsoil-cost-free piston compressor sealed with graphite piston and rod guidebook ringmechanical seals,axial finish with ball valve sealsliquid medium transmission with graphite bearings,seals,mix seals,rotary vane,rotor and hub and so on.


CZPTed isostatic graphite
task device  
Physique densely  g/cm3 1.seventy seven-one.ninety two
The resistivity μΩ.m ≤18
Workers folding toughness  MPa  ≥40
The compressive toughness  MPa  ≥80
Shore hardness HSD ≥65 
Coefficient of thermal expansion         C.T.E.(to 100C) ten-six/K 4.-seven.1
Modulus of elasticity  Gpa  ten-13.5
ash ≤0.03% 


Carbon Graphite Seal Ring Mechanical Sealing Alloy