Yonjou Horizontal Electrical_Water_Pump

Yonjou Horizontal Electrical_Water_Pump

IS IH Centrifugal Drinking water Pump is a CZPT ISO2858 style h2o pump. It is solitary-stage stop-suction (axial ingestion) centrifugal pump and large effiency pump designed by CZPT group,

it is improved from earlier models BA and B and other one-stage h2o centrifugal pump. The rewards: its hydraulic capability is dispersed extensively, many choices for the consumer,

practical to examine and fix, the performance and producing quality is up to advanced worldwide CZPT.


Product details:

Working Basic principle:  Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump
Utilization: Water, Oil, Fire Battling
Principal Applications:   

• H2o treatment

• Creating water offer

• CZPT market

• CZPT and petrochemical industries

• CZPT sector

• Foods and drink industrie

• CZPT technique


Shaft seal type:  

• Solitary CZPT Seal

• Double CZPT Seal

Content: Solid Iron
Impeller Sort:   Near Impeller
Max. Temperature: 120°C
Heating Jacket: Can

Performance data:










50-32-one hundred twenty five 12.five twenty 2.2 60
50-32-one hundred twenty five 6.3 5 .fifty five 54
50-32-one hundred sixty 12.5 32 3 fifty four
fifty-32-160 6.3 8 .fifty five 48
fifty-32-200 twelve.five 50 five.5 forty eight
fifty-32-200 6.three 12.5 .75 42
50-32-250 twelve.five 80 11 38
fifty-32-250 six.three twenty one.five 32
sixty five-fifty-one hundred twenty five 25 20 three sixty nine
65-fifty-one hundred twenty five 12.5 fifty .55 64
65-fifty-a hundred and sixty 25 32 .5 65
sixty five-50-one hundred sixty twelve.five five .75 sixty
sixty five-40-two hundred 25 50 7.five sixty
sixty five-40-200 twelve.five 12.five 1.one fifty five
sixty five-40-250 twenty five 80 fifteen fifty
sixty five-forty-250 12.five twenty 2.2 46
eighty-65-125 50 twenty five.5 75
80-65-125 25 5 .75 seventy one
80-65-a hundred and sixty 50 32 seven.5 seventy three
eighty-65-one hundred sixty twenty five eight 1.5 sixty nine
8050-200 50 50 fifteen 69
eighty-fifty-200 twenty five twelve.five two.two sixty five
eighty-fifty-250 fifty 80 22 sixty three
80-fifty-250 twenty five twenty 3 sixty
eighty-50-315 50 125 37 54
eighty-50-315 25 32 five.5 52
a hundred-80-125 one hundred 20 11 seventy eight
a hundred-80-one hundred twenty five fifty five one.5 seventy five
a hundred-80-160 a hundred 32 fifteen seventy eight
a hundred-80-a hundred and sixty fifty eight two.2 75
a hundred-sixty five-two hundred 100 fifty 22 seventy six
a hundred-65-200 fifty twelve.5 four seventy three
one hundred-65-250 100 eighty 37 72
a hundred-65-250 50 20 five.5 sixty nine
100-sixty five-315 100 a hundred twenty five seventy five 66
a hundred-sixty five-315 fifty 32 eleven 63
125-a hundred-two hundred 200 fifty forty five eighty one
one hundred twenty five-a hundred-200 100 twelve.5 seven.five seventy six
one hundred twenty five-100-250 two hundred 80 seventy five seventy eight
one hundred twenty five-a hundred-250 a hundred twenty eleven seventy six
125-one hundred-315 one hundred 32 fifteen 73
a hundred twenty five-100-400 one hundred 50 30 65
one hundred fifty-one hundred twenty five-250 200 twenty 18.5 81
one hundred fifty-one hundred twenty five-315 two hundred 32 30 79

Company info:

ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is one particular of the major companies and exporters in the area of business pumps with manufacturing amenities in mainland China. We are specialised in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel engine pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and so on.

Yonjou Horizontal Electrical_Water_Pump