Water Supply Stainless Steel Multistage Vertical Booster Pump

Water Supply Stainless Steel Multistage Vertical Booster Pump

Water CZPT CZPT Steel Multistage Vertical Booster Pump


>> CZPT 

QDL sequence stainless steel booster pump is multi-stages centrifugal vertical pump. 
QDG sequence boiler feed drinking water booster pump is horizontal stainless steel booster pump matches the overall performance, complex prerequisite and testing technique for the worldwide boiler initiatives.
This collection boiler booster stainless steel booster pump satisfy the worldwide CZPT, with the feature of small volume, good functionality, secure and reliable operation, and higher effectiveness. Aside from, it is the very best option for the scorching h2o offer assignments.
It included horizontal boiler feed h2o booster pump and vertical water stainless metal booster pump
>> Efficiency Range

Movement fee: three~500m3/h
Head: 70~650m
Force: seven~65Bar
Speed: 1450~2950rpm
Max Eff: ninety%

>> Software
Extensively employed in urban drinking water source and strain boosting, industrial cirsulating program and processing program, environmental defense drinking water treatment method and infiltration analysis technique, liquid conveying, circulation and boosting of sizzling and cold clean h2o, soft drinking water.
CZPT Steel sort is also employed for h2o with tiny articles of alkali, mineral, distilled drinking water, water for swimming pool and solution with chloride, but the allowed temperature of the liquid need to be lowered.

>> Projects 
Aerospace                          Oil & Gas
 Building industry                 Power Station
 CZPT                            Petro-CZPT
 CZPT CZPT                CZPT
 CZPT                                Pulp & Paper
 CZPT & Aggregate            Water & Waste h2o
>> Overall performance:

 Model Q
(m) (KW)
25GDL2-twelve*three 2 36 7.five one.one
25GDL2-12*four 2 48 7.five one.one
25GDL2-twelve*5 two 60 seven.5 1.5
25GDL2-twelve*six 2 seventy two seven.5 1.five
25GDL2-twelve*seven 2 eighty four 7.five two.2
25GDL2-12*eight two 96 seven.five 2.two
25GDL2-twelve*9 two 108 7.five 2.2
25GDL2-12*ten two 120 7.5 3
25GDL2-twelve*11 2 132 seven.5 three
25GDL2-twelve*12 two a hundred and forty four 7.5 three
25GDL2-twelve*13 2 156 7.five 4
25GDL2-12*14 2 168 seven.five 4
25GDL4-11*3 four 33 seven.five one.1
25GDL4-eleven*4 four 44 7.5 1.5
25GDL4-eleven*five four fifty five 7.five two.2
25GDL4-11*six 4 sixty six seven.5 two.two
25GDL4-eleven*7 4 77 seven.5 3
25GDL4-11*eight four 88 7.5 3
25GDL4-eleven*nine 4 ninety nine seven.five 3
25GDL4-11*10 four one hundred ten 7.5 4
25GDL4-11*11 four 121 7.five four
25GDL4-11*12 4 132 7.five 4
25GDL4-11*thirteen four 143 seven.five 4
25GDL4-eleven*fourteen four 154 seven.5 five.5
40GDL6-12*3 six 36 7.5 1.five
40GDL6-twelve*4 six 48 seven.five two.two
40GDL6-twelve*5 6 60 7.5 2.two
40GDL6-twelve*six six seventy two seven.5 3
40GDL6-twelve*7 six eighty four seven.5 3
40GDL6-twelve*8 six 96 seven.five four
40GDL6-twelve*nine six 108 7.5 four
40GDL6-twelve*ten six 120 7.5 four
40GDL6-12*eleven six 132 7.5 five.5
40GDL6-twelve*12 six a hundred and forty four seven.5 5.5
40GDL6-12*13 six 156 seven.five 7.5
40GDL6-12*fourteen 6 168 seven.5 7.five
50GDL12-fifteen*2 12 30 7 two.two
50GDL12-15*three twelve 45 seven three
50GDL12-fifteen*four 12 60 seven four
50GDL12-fifteen*5 twelve 75 7 five.5
50GDL12-fifteen*six twelve ninety 7 5.five
50GDL12-fifteen*seven 12 a hundred and five 7 seven.5
50GDL12-fifteen*8 twelve one hundred twenty 7 seven.five
50GDL12-fifteen*9 12 one hundred thirty five seven 11
50GDL12-fifteen*ten twelve a hundred and fifty seven eleven
50GDL12-15*11 twelve one hundred sixty five seven 15
50GDL12-fifteen*twelve twelve 180 7 15
50GDL18-fifteen*2 18 thirty seven 3
50GDL18-fifteen*three 18 forty five seven four
50GDL18-15*4 18 60 seven five.5
50GDL18-15*five 18 seventy five 7 seven.five
50GDL18-fifteen*six eighteen ninety seven seven.five
50GDL18-15*7 eighteen one hundred and five 7 11
50GDL18-fifteen*8 18 one hundred twenty seven 11
50GDL18-15*9 eighteen one hundred thirty five 7 15
50GDL18-15*10 18 150 seven 15
50GDL18-15*eleven 18 a hundred sixty five seven eighteen.five
50GDL18-fifteen*12 18 a hundred and eighty 7 18.5
65GDL24-twelve*2 24 24 6 3
65GDL24-twelve*3 24 36 six four
65GDL24-12*four 24 forty eight six five.5
65GDL24-12*five 24 sixty six seven.5
65GDL24-twelve*6 24 72 6 seven.five
65GDL24-12*seven 24 eighty four 6 11
65GDL24-12*eight 24 96 six 11
65GDL24-twelve*nine 24 108 six 15
65GDL24-12*10 24 120 six 15
65GDL24-twelve*eleven 24 132 six 15
65GDL24-twelve*twelve 24 one hundred forty four 6 18.five
80GDL36-12*2 36 24 five.five four
80GDL36-12*three 36 36 five.five five.5
80GDL36-12*4 six forty eight five.five seven.five
80GDL36-twelve*5 36 sixty 5.5 11
80GDL36-twelve*six 36 72 five.5 11
80GDL36-12*seven 36 84 5.5 15
80GDL36-twelve*eight 36 96 5.5 fifteen
80GDL36-twelve*nine 36 108 five.five 18.five
80GDL36-twelve*10 36 a hundred and twenty five.five eighteen.5
80GDL36-12*11 36 132 five.5 22
80GDL36-twelve*12 36 a hundred and forty four 5.5 22
80GDL54-14*2 54 28 5 seven.five
80GDL54-14*3 fifty four forty two five 11
80GDL54-fourteen*four 54 56 five fifteen
80GDL54-fourteen*5 fifty four 70 five 18.five
80GDL54-14*six fifty four 84 five eighteen.five
80GDL54-14*seven 54 98 5 22
80GDL54-fourteen*8 54 112 five thirty
80GDL54-fourteen*9 54 126 5 thirty
80GDL54-14*10 54 140 5 37
80GDL54-14*eleven 54 154 five forty five
80GDL54-fourteen*12 fifty four 168 five 45
100GDL72-fourteen*two seventy two 28 4.5 eleven
100GDL72-fourteen*three 72 forty two four.5 fifteen
100GDL72-fourteen*4 seventy two 56 four.5 eighteen.5
100GDL72-14*five seventy two 70 4.five 22
100GDL72-14*6 seventy two 74 4.five thirty
100GDL72-fourteen*7 seventy two 98 4.five 30
100GDL72-fourteen*8 72 112 4.5 37
100GDL72-14*nine 72 126 four.five 37
100GDL72-fourteen*10 72 one hundred forty four.5 forty five
100GDL72-fourteen*11 seventy two 154 four.five 55
100GDL72-14*twelve seventy two 168 four.5 55
100GDL100-20*2 one hundred 40 four.five eighteen.5
100GDL100-twenty*3 100 sixty four.5 thirty
100GDL100-20*four a hundred eighty 4.five 37
100GDL100-twenty*five one hundred one hundred four.five forty five
100GDL100-twenty*six a hundred a hundred and twenty 4.5 55
100GDL100-twenty*seven one hundred 140 4.5 75
100GDL100-20*8 a hundred 160 four.five seventy five
100GDL100-twenty*9 100 180 4.5 75
100GDL100-20*ten a hundred 200 4.five 90
100GDL100-20*eleven 100 220 4.five ninety
100GDL100-20*twelve a hundred 240 4.5 110
125GDL100-20*two one hundred forty four.five eighteen.5
125GDL100-20*3 one hundred sixty four.5 30
125GDL100-20*four 100 80 four.five 37
125GDL100-20*5 one hundred one hundred four.5 forty five
125GDL100-20*6 a hundred 120 4.5 55
125GDL100-20*seven 100 140 four.five seventy five
125GDL100-20*8 a hundred one hundred sixty four.5 seventy five
125GDL100-twenty*9 one hundred 180 4.five seventy five
125GDL100-twenty*ten a hundred 200 4.5 ninety
150GDL160-20*two one hundred sixty forty 4.5 thirty
150GDL160-twenty*3 160 sixty 4.5 37
150GDL160-twenty*4 160 eighty 4.five 55
150GDL160-20*5 one hundred sixty a hundred 4.5 75
150GDL160-20*six a hundred and sixty 120 4.5 seventy five
150GDL160-20*seven one hundred sixty 140 4.5 ninety

>> Benefits:
20 several years in producing vertical stainless metal higher pressure pump
Independent Design and style
advanced engineering from Australia, Canada, CZPTica
Specialised Test CZPT
Anti-rust remedy casting
CZPT sensible suggestion for choosing pumps

>> Features:

one. Drinking water-electrical power design design, substantial effectiveness and save engery.
two. There is vane wheel inside, the pump shell and primary fittings will take with stainless metal punch, movement-road is really smooth, axle sleeve is challenging metallic instrument, so that will be tremendous-potent extended lasting utilizing time, to stop creating CZPT pollution and its axle cover seals with dress in-resisting machine, unreveal.

1. H2o-electricity model layout, higher effectiveness and preserve engery.
two. There is vane wheel within, the pump shell and principal fittings will take with stainless steel punch, circulation-highway is really clean, axle sleeve is challenging metallic device, so that will be super-powerful prolonged long lasting using time, to stop making CZPT air pollution and its axle go over seals with dress in-resisting device, unreveal.
>> CZPT metal booster large strain pump simple parameter
The basic parameters of stainless steel booster pump principal functionality are as follows:
one. Circulation charge (Q):
Flow charge is that means the liquid amount (volume or excess weight) shipped in unit time(volume or weight)
two. Head (H):
Head is the elevated power from the pump inlet to the pump outlet when pumping 1 unit liquid.
That is to say a single CZPTian liquid get the effective power via the pump.
The device is n. m/N = m, mamely pumping water column height, in short of meter.
three.speed (n): Speed is numbers of revolutions of the pump shaft in device time, Code is n, unit is r/min
four.Net constructive suction head (NPSH):
NPSH is the major parameter to signify cavitation home.  NPSH domestic employed Δ h.

>>>Company Introduction

CZPTazhuang An Pump CZPTry Co., Ltd is 1 in excess of thirty several years seasoned pump producer (proven at 1986) in mining and mineral, power plant, dredging and dredge, hydraulic, irrigation, pulp transfer, chemical, construction, sea drinking water and oil & gas transfer and so forth. An Pump CZPTry is the pump factory has its personal pump variety & design, study and improvement group to guarantee supply you efficient, strength saving slurry pump, drinking water pump, diesel h2o pump, chemical pump and irrigation pump in assortment & design, use and routine maintenance program. 

An Pump CZPTry is the pump factory accepted by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. We also have the certificate of CE. Our manufacturing unit is in excess of fifty,000 square meters with the specialist engineer in excess of 20. The Max casting parts weight we could do a single time is 7 tons. And we have capacity to create 600 tons for every thirty day period and with the warmth treatment method furnace dimension 6mx5.5mx2.5m. The Max components we could machine is six.four meters and we have capability to assemble the pump above 1800mm and our cranes capacity is thirty tons.

An Pump CZPTry products consist of slurry pump, sewage pump, h2o pump, acid resistant or chemical pump, irrigation pumps, hearth pumps and other goods exported to above ninety nations around the world all over the globe. The software handles a lot of fields, this kind of as mining and mineral processing, dredger, tailings transportation, mining, metal, desulfurization pump, boiler feed drinking water, building, irrigation, drinking water conservancy amenities, sewage treatment method, drainage and drinking water offer. 
In the era of quick growth of science and technological innovation, An Pump CZPTry group get the entrepreneurial spirit “excellence and consistent solution high quality, brand name identified throughout the world and Credit-based”, company objective “the achievements of create brand name company and business pioneer”, to aid you out and provide high quality & cheap revolutionary goods!

(1). Q: Are you a trading company or manufacture?
    A: An Pump CZPTry Co., Ltd is a real massive professional producer more than 32 several years, in China, create with our personal factory.
(2). Q: what is actually your manufacturing facility workshops ?
    A: My manufacturing unit generate consist of casting, mechanical process, lathe approach, heat therapy, assembly, and take a look at and many others.
         Warmly welcome to pay a visit to & test my manufacturing unit any time.
(three). Q: How about your QI sequence centrifugal finish scution pump price?
    A: We are certain our value is factory cost, and insist hig quality for our prolonged time period cooperation.
(4). Q: What is your QI collection finish suction pump content ?
    A: For the QI conclude suction pump, we could make solid iron, cast steel, stainless metal, bronze, and material higher CrMoNi alloy.
        And we could also create as your specifications.
(five).Q: What kind of liquid can your QI collection centrifugal stop suction pump transfer?
    A: Liquid selection: water, chemical liquid, sizzling h2o, sewage and many others.
(six). Q:How does your factory do regarding quality management? 
    A:”CZPT is priority. we usually attach fantastic importance to top quality controlling from the quite beginning to the extremely stop.
         Our factory has fifteen~30 QC.
(7). Q: Is it easy for consumers to change the elements by myselves ?
    A: yes, the framework is simple ,customers can change it quite easliy. We will also source you maintenance tools for cost-free.
(eight). Q: How about your gravel pump guarantee?
    A: 1 year warranty for commplete setpump, six-8 months for wet areas,  it relies upon on other pump functioning situation details.
(nine). Q: How to do if the pump or elements have operatation issue within your warranty?
    A:  Tell me information well timed, and demonstrate me photographs, we will deliver you pump remedy at once without any hesistation.
(ten). Q: Can you set up the electrical motor or diesel motor with the pump for us ?
      A: sure, we can, it really is no dilemma, we are knowledgeable in this .
(11): Q: .we don’t know which pump product we need ,can you support us ?
      A: indeed, please inform me your detail specifications, include liquid, stream fee, head etc,
          my engineers staff wiill compute & select most suitable pump model for you, offer pump remedy for you.
(12). Q:How extended can you reply us if we ship an inquiry ?
      A: CZPTl with in 2 hours, we will send you formal quotation sheet, with price tag, technologies knowledge, performance curve, dimension and so forth.
(thirteen). Q: What are your advantages,why must I choose you?
    A:  Higher CZPT, our elements have 30% for a longer time lifestyle than the CZPTs
         Short Delivery Time, for normal areas,we have inventory in our warehouse
         Competitive Price tag, we can help you minimize down the expense by 30% or much more
        Best Services, we have technological department, top quality management office and a professional product sales staff, we will supply specialist support for you any time. 

>> Speak to us

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Water Supply Stainless Steel Multistage Vertical Booster Pump