Vacuum Food Tray Manual Heat Sealing Machine

Vacuum Food Tray Manual Heat Sealing Machine

The semi-computerized traysealers are ideal for packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical merchandise,industrial and customer goods. They are applicable for premade trays/bins/circumstances that are ready for filling&sealing.They seal trays created from various components, this sort of as plastic, aluminium,and foamed materials, as properly as a huge range of cover films.Due to their compact dimensions, with its space-preserving design and movable rollers,they can be flexibly outfitted. They are ideal for packaging modest batches. They are an perfect packaging answer for butcher shops, deli counters,caterers, immediate marketing businesses, and so forth.This kind of machine only can be created and created right after we have obtained your tray samples.

This machine has double tray drawers which operate at reciprocating method,double the functioning effectiveness.One or double manner to be option by by yourself. It can work at 3 approaches,to be your decision: one.vacuumizing—air inflation—tray sealing. 2.vacuumizing—tray sealing¬† 3. Direct tray sealing.Actions of vacuumizing,air inflation,tray sealing and movie cutting to be finished by the device automatically.Content filling and tray loading by manual work.2~5 cycles for every min.
1st set process parameters for specific motion,this kind of as loading time,sealing/cutting time,discharging time,etc.These actions can be carried out full automatically or semi-immediately.For case in point,you require not set the time of loading & discharging,when the work are completed manually,just press a key to begin other function these kinds of as vacuumizing,fuel-flushing,tray sealing and movie chopping.The trays can be crammed possibly just before or after they are loaded into the CZPTs,in each circumstances need to ensure that the tray flange stays clear. When all trays are crammed&loaded,push the commence important,the tray CZPT retreat back again into the sealing chamber,automatically full the packaging work which includes vacuumizing,fuel inflation,tray sealing and movie chopping as per the established time.Right after the packaging process has been finished, the tray drawer pop out instantly,and return the loading spot for discharging.

Operate Optional:  Vacuum or none-vacuum / Vacuum / Nitrogen filling

CZPT Datas:

Width of top film:360 mm
Dimension of sealing chamber:360*460
Packing speed:800-a thousand pc/h
Energy source:380V / 50Hz
Electrical power Fee:6 KW
Dimension:1000mm X 1200mm X 1800mm
Totally free mould:1 established

Datas are only for reference,true cases possibly different


PLC&color touch screen manufactured by Mitsubish
Temperature sensors and controllers made by Omron Japan.
CZPTican photoelectric tracking method applicable for basic or shade movie.
Equipped with cooling method for warmth sealing chamber
Power off stage and reverse phase defense
CZPTtric leakage protection method, immediately reduce off the electricity offer when it arise, to protect protection of operators.
All moulds &heating plate created of outstanding aluminium-magnesium alloy.
All supports made of sus304 stainless steel.
Substantial top quality silicone pad, anti-growing older, excellent sealing, long support life
CZPT elements and vacuum valves from Japan SMC.
Exterior substantial vacuum pump from Busch Germany.(Only for manchine with vacuum need)
Sizzling sealing element with coarse sample to make the seal gorgeous and powerful, easy to tear design.

Packing samples:


Vacuum Food Tray Manual Heat Sealing Machine