Submerged Slurry Pump SP Series

Submerged Slurry Pump SP Series

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Descriptions of SP series submerged slurry pumps

Under the SP submerged slurry pumps for the vertical centrifugal dregs thick liquid pumps, plunges underneath the fluid, uses into transport the agreeability, the thick pellet, the extremely concentrated dregs thick liquid. Does not need any axis to seal with the axis seals the drinking water, is inadequate in the absorption amount under the working method also can the regular function. SP pumps has flowed the portion to be produced by the use-resisting metal. SPR pumps plunges under the fluid the spare part to deliver the rubber outer lining, is appropriate to transporting the non- edges and corners the agreeability dregs thick liquid. In accordance to the dregs thick liquid pond liquid level peak, could choose the different duration the pump driving shaft or the induction pipe. Uses the several types of speeds and the many varieties of aberrations way, triggers to pump underneath the very best functioning method moves, service lifestyle prolonged, the movement gain is higher, can fulfill many sort of negative transportations condition.

Mainly is suitable for the transportation corrosiveness, the large pellet, the very concentrated dregs thick liquid. Extensively applies to department and so on metallurgy, mine, coal, electric energy, constructing supplies, environmental safety.

SP pumps is the vertical centrifugal dregs thick liquid pumps, theater pump entrance is vertical vertically to under, the exportation one more facet which pumps is currently being upward. Upside pumps mainly filters the outline, the pump body, the impeller, the axis by underneath, the safety board, parts and so on help is composed, pumps has the bearing supporting Pumps installs beneath the fluid, does not want any axis to seal, has flowed the component to use the anti-friction materials.

This pumps the transmission pattern is BD and the DC two kinds, particularly leather-based belt transmission and straight joint transmission. Plunges below the fluid the depth to be feasible to make a decision in the CZPTize scope in accordance to user’s actual require.

Meaning of pump product:
E. G. 40PV_SP(SPR)
40_Outlet diameter (mm)
PV_Vertical bracket
SP_Submerged slurry pump
SPR_CZPT lined submerged slurry pump

Model Outlet diameter
Distinct water efficiency Power
Impeller diameter
(m 3 /h)
40PV-SP(R) forty a thousand-2200 seventeen-43.two 4-28.5 40 fifteen 188
65QV-SP(R) 65 seven hundred-1500 seventeen-114 five-31.5 60 30 280
100RV-SP(R) a hundred five hundred-1200 fifty four-289 5-36 62 seventy five 370
150SV-SP 150 500-a thousand 108-479 eight.5-forty fifty two a hundred and ten 450
200SV-SP two hundred four hundred-850 189-891 six.5-37 sixty four one hundred ten 520
250SV-SP 250 400-750 261-1089 7-33.5 sixty two hundred 575
300TV-SP three hundred 350-seven-hundred 288-1267 six-33 fifty 200 610


Submerged Slurry Pump SP Series