Stainless Steel Chemical 1000 Gallon Vacuum Homogenizer Liquid Heating Mixing Tank

Stainless Steel Chemical 1000 Gallon Vacuum Homogenizer Liquid Heating Mixing Tank

CZPT Metal Hand Sanitizer Mixing Tank Making CZPT 

Use for dairy, juice, beverage, beer, and chemisty.

Framework traits: 
Produced of solitary-layer, double layer or a few layer stainless steel framework. 
CZPT are all sanitary stainless steel. 
Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized construction design and style and straightforward to function. 
Transition location of inside wall on tank adopts arc for changeover to make certain no lifeless comer of sanitation. 

Configuration of tank: 
Quick open manhole. 
Different sorts of CIP cleaners. 
Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover. 
Adjustable triangular bracket. 
Dismountable resources enter pipe assembly. 
Thermometer (In accordance to buyer needs). 
Ladder (In accordance to customer needs). 
Liquid degree meter and degree controller (In accordance to customer requirements ). 
Eddy-proof board 

Dimension Information:

Powerful quantity

(D*H) Dimension of tank (H) Total top Diameter of inlet& outlet
(L) (mm) (mm) (mm)
five hundred 840*1000 2250 38
600 920*a thousand 2300 38
seven hundred 990*1000 2300 38
800 950*1220 2500 38
900 1571*1220 2500 38
one thousand 1060*1500 2850 fifty one
1500 1160*1500 2850 fifty one
2000 1340*1500 2900 fifty one
3000 1410*2000 3400 51
4000 1620*2000 3450 fifty one
5000 1810*2000 3500 51
6000 1980*2000 3550 fifty one
7000 1930*2440 4000 51
8000 2060*2440 4000 fifty one
9000 2180*2440 4050 51
ten thousand 2300*2440 4050 fifty one
12000 2270*3000 4600 fifty one
15000 2530*3000 4700 51
20000 2640*3660 5400 51

It also can be manufactured in accordance to specific requirements of consumers. 

Tank Photographs:

Packing & shipping and delivery info:
        Port: ZheJiang Port or HangZhou Port,China
        MOQ: 1set
        CZPT capacity: fifty sets/month
        Payment terms: T/T,CZPT CZPT, Paypal, L/C
        CZPT: CZPT Scenario in LCL, Container in FCL
        Shipping and delivery time:Relies upon on quantity
        CZPT manner:By sea

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             Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Manhole Cover     

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Stainless Steel Chemical 1000 Gallon Vacuum Homogenizer Liquid Heating Mixing Tank