Small Stainless Steel Mixing Equipment Double Cone Dry Powder Mixer

Small Stainless Steel Mixing Equipment Double Cone Dry Powder Mixer

CZPT Description:

The PerMix PDC series Double Cone Mixers are one type of Tumbler Mixers, which complete the mixing by turning the vessel close to the shaft. They are exclusive mixers suitable for fast and uniform mixing of totally free flowing dry powders, granules and crystals. With the most straightforward composition amid all mixers, they are highlighted for reduced expenditure, straightforward operation, discharging with out residual, rapid cleaning, and basic maintenance.
PerMix Double Cone Mixers provide a gentle higher-flowing mixing method for solids/solids in a proportion of up to 1:100.000 with the chance of utilizing an intensifier bar to increase the mixture, and solids/liquids in powder or granulate form with distinct certain weights.

Compared with other sorts of mixing products, PerMix PDC collection Double Cone Mixer is ready to offer the pursuing benefits:

  1. Minimized distortion to the resources because of to absence of any relocating blades
  2. No contamination thanks to the closed spot by only stainless steel partitions
  3. Particularly suitable to mix powders or granules which are temperature sensitive, simply oxidizable, crystallized, unstable, poisonous or with annoying odor
  4. Numerous options are obtainable, such as aspect chopper, variable velocity, automated quit in discharge position, air operated valve, touch monitor functioning panel, basic safety fence, and so on.

Features & Options:
The simplicity of design and style of the PerMix PDC series Double Cone Mixer permits a reduced original cost, simple servicing and easy procedure. They can be equipped with a variety of alternatives, including but not minimal to:

  1. Full stainless metal development for hygienic prerequisite
  2. Inner choppers
  3. Vacuum/Drying execution with heating jacket, vacuum pump, dust filter, condenser, and many others
  4. Specific spray unit
  5. Basic safety fence
  6. Cellular trolley
  7. PLC handle & contact screen
  8. Removable vessels

– Meals
Breakfast Cereals, Enzymes, Flavours, Herbs, CZPTs, Nutraceuticals, Seasonings, Spices, Tea Mixes, Tobacco, Vitamin Mixes
Agrochemicals, Ceramic Powders, Detergents, Medicines, Dyestuffs, CZPT Auxiliaries, Metallic Powders, Pigments, CZPT Granules, CZPT Pellets, CZPT Powders, Textile Assistants
Energetic Agents, Organic Solids, Carcinogenic Substances, Concentrated Lively Ingredients, Generics, Intermediate CZPT, Sterile CZPT, Toxic Substances

Specifications of Double Cone Mixer:

Design Complete Quantity, Liter Operation Volume, Liter Power, kW Size, mm Width, mm Height, mm Operation Top, mm
PDC-15 15 seven .37 600 430 one,265 1,335
PDC-45 forty five twenty .55 850 620 one,540 1,650
PDC-100 100 50 .75 1,100 810 1,620 1,950
PDC-two hundred 200 100 1.1 one,400 1,571 2,one hundred two,280
PDC-300 300 a hundred and fifty 1.five 1,600 one,one hundred sixty 2,320 2,530
PDC-500 five hundred 250 2.2 one,630 1,070 2,600 two,600
PDC-seven hundred seven-hundred 350 3 1,820 1,two hundred 2,770 two,770
PDC-1000 one,000 500 four 2,one hundred 1,350 two,985 2,985
PDC-2000 two,000 1,000 5.5 two,620 one,350 2,a hundred forty five two,280
PDC-3000 3,000 one,five hundred seven.five two,990 one,550 2,440 2,600
PDC-4000 four,000 two,000 eleven 3,280 one,680 2,685 two,850
PDC-5000 5,000 2,five hundred fifteen 3,530 one,810 two,890 3,070

one. All specifications are as correct as is moderately achievable, but they are not binding.
two. CZPT sizes are offered from ask for.
3. PerMix reserves the appropriate to modify the style without having observe.

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Q: What is your price tag level in contrast with CZPTean suppliers and local Chinese suppliers?
A: Based on the equipment type and dimension, our price amount is 30%-sixty% significantly less than the CZPTean suppliers and 5-fifteen% higher than the large nearby suppliers.

Q: Are you able to provide tailor-created design and manufacturing for the mixers?
A: Of course, in truth more than 50 % of our mixers are tailor created, which is a single of our strong factors.

Q: Are you in a position to style and generate other processing gear?
A: We are open up to go over about it.

Q: Can you provide machines to OEM customers, meaning to label their makes on the machines.
A: Of course we are carrying out it a lot. We have a number of OEM partners in the Usa.

Q: Do you have agent community out of China?
A: Sure we do have agents but only in some nations around the world, for instance in United states, Germany, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Argentina, and many others. We are even now searching for more agents due to the fact we feel to operate with brokers is the best way to do business.

Q: What is your supply guide time of the mixing products.
A: Relying on the size and stage of customization, but typically it is from six-14 weeks.

Q: How do you pack and ship the mixing equipment?
A: For machines don’t demand complete container loading, we will pack them in wood circumstance. For FCL (total container loading) cargo, we will just wrap the equipment in plastic movies and fix them in the container. The cargo can be both by air or by sea

Small Stainless Steel Mixing Equipment Double Cone Dry Powder Mixer