Reactor Liquid Mixing Tank Cosmetic Cream Inline Emulsifying Mixer

Reactor Liquid Mixing Tank Cosmetic Cream Inline Emulsifying Mixer

Reactor Liquid Mixing Tank CZPT Product Inline Emulsifying Mixer
PerMix Laptop sequence Inline Mixer is a higher shear mixer for inline or steady procedure. In the Inline method, the mixer is mounted outdoors the tank. This can make it effortless to be created into an existing production line with typical inlet/outlet connections. In the scenario to deal with liquid with a minimal viscosity, the Computer sequence Inline Mixer can pump the liquid without having an additional pump. That is why it is also known as Substantial Shear Pump. The Personal computer collection Inline Mixer can be utilised to deal with the merchandise in a one pass or with numerous circulations to make the solution better.

The Computer series multi-stage (typically 3-stage) Inline Mixer has 3 sets of stator/rotor techniques to boost its shearing performance. This design drastically lowers processing time, and in some cases only a single go via the mixer can lead to pleased merchandise.

Positive aspects & Possibilities:
PerMix Pc series Inline Mixer is highlighted for the benefits of:
one. Preserve your processing time by up to 90%
two. Enhance the stop item uniformity
three. Help save your value of tons of agitators & pipelines
4. Simply adapted into an present manufacturing line with out modify of the layout
5. Compact measurement necessitating little area
6. Hygienic style for meals & pharmaceuticals
7. A variety of interchangeable stator/rotor for diverse resources to be dealt with

A great deal of alternatives are offered:
one. CZPT stainless steel construction to satisfy the rigorous hygienic requirement
two. Numerous stage stator/rotor for single pass processing to preserve more time but a much better uniformity
3. Mixer to be put in on a trolley for effortless movement
4. Double mechanical seals with thermosyphon tank to amazing the seals
five. Get in touch with elements to be developed in SS304, SS316L, SS316Ti or other individuals
6. Dull polishing or mirror-like polishing

Personal computer sequence Inline Mixers are commonly used by a variety of industries in various phases of the processing. They are hugely productive to help save a whole lot of energy and time in contrast with classic mixing techniques.

I) Meals & Beverage
Reconstituted milk, Salad dressing, Mayonnaise, Ice cream, Cheese, Yogurt, Fruit juice

II) Pharmaceutics & Biology
Drug synthesis, Vaccine, Fat emulsion, Injectable suspension, Veterinary medicine, Cell extraction

III) CZPTs & CZPT Treatment
Detergent, Body gel, Shampoo, Cream, Lotion, Tooth paste, Soap

Synthetic rubber, Resin, BiHangZhou, Silicon oil, Dye, Pigment, Coating, Ink, Nano substance


Design Watts, kW RPM, @50Hz Max. Ability Measurement [DN]
[L/hr] @ 1 cPs Inlet Outlet
Personal computer-one/100 2.2 3,000 3,000 40 32
Personal computer-1/one hundred forty 5.five five,000 50 forty
Laptop-one/a hundred sixty five 7.5 8,000 fifty forty
Personal computer-one/180 11 12,000 sixty five fifty
Laptop-one/185 fifteen 18,000 65 fifty
Personal computer-one/two hundred 22 twenty five,000 65 fifty
Personal computer-one/210 37 35,000 80 sixty five
Laptop-one/230 45 fifty,000 a hundred eighty
Laptop-one/245 fifty five seventy five,000 one hundred 80
Computer-1/260 seventy five 90,000 125 100
Pc-one/280 90 a hundred and ten,000 125 100
Computer-one/290 132 130,000 one hundred fifty 125
Computer-1/300 160 1,five hundred one hundred forty,000 one hundred seventy five a hundred and fifty
Personal computer-one/360 185 one hundred sixty,000 one hundred seventy five a hundred and fifty

1. Actual liquid capacity will vary relying on the liquid kind and various stator rotor technique.
2. PerMix delivers greater capacity according to client requests.
three. PerMix reserves the correct to modify the style without discover.

Design Watts, kW RPM, @50Hz Max. Capacity Measurement [DN]
[L/hr] @ one cPs Inlet Outlet
Personal computer-3/one hundred 7.five three,000 eight,000 50 40
Computer-3/120 11 twelve,000 65 fifty
Personal computer-three/140 15 eighteen,000 65 50
Personal computer-three/a hundred sixty five 22 22,000 sixty five 50
Pc-3/200 37 30,000 one hundred 80
Laptop-3/220 fifty five forty,000 one hundred twenty five a hundred
Pc-three/240 75 fifty five,000 one hundred twenty five 100
Computer-3/260 ninety 1,five hundred sixty five,000 a hundred twenty five 100
Computer-3/three hundred one hundred ten 80,000 one hundred fifty one hundred twenty five
Computer-3/360 132 one hundred,000 one hundred fifty 125
Laptop-three/380 a hundred and sixty 120,000 one hundred fifty one hundred twenty five
Computer-three/400 185 a hundred and forty,000 one hundred fifty one hundred twenty five
Personal computer-3/420 two hundred a hundred and fifty five,000 200 a hundred and fifty
Pc-three/440 250 one hundred eighty,000 two hundred one hundred fifty

1. True liquid potential will vary relying on the liquid variety and distinct stator rotor technique.
2. PerMix provides greater capability in accordance to client requests.
three. PerMix reserves the correct to modify the design and style with no notice.


Reactor Liquid Mixing Tank Cosmetic Cream Inline Emulsifying Mixer