Plastic Four out UPVC CPVC Water Pipe Production Extrusion Line

Plastic Four out UPVC CPVC Water Pipe Production Extrusion Line

CZPT Four out UPVC CPVC H2o Pipe Generation Extrusion Line

PVC Pipe Application:
Water CZPT Pipe&Drainage pipe&Sewage Pipe

Production Flow:
Material →Heating CZPT Mixer →Material Feeding →Conical Twin CZPT Extruder →Extrusion CZPT & calibrator → vacuum Calibration CZPT Tank → (Spray CZPT Tank) →Printer → Haul-off Unit →cutter →stacker
CZPT Features:
PVC Pipe Diameter Range:φ16mm-φ800mm
The Vacuum Calibration Tank will be equipped with different quantity and power of water pump and vacuum pump for different pipe diameter
For extruder Temperature Control system,Digital PLC control or Manual Temperature Control Meter
Caterpillar Haul-off unit with two caterpillar, threecaterpillar, four caterpillar,six caterpillar,eight caterpillar design for different range of pipe diameter haul-off
Guillotine cutter&Planetary cutter can be choosed according to different diameter pipe.
Equip with special mould and other device,it can produce inner wall sprial pipe and Inner wall hollow pipe and three layer pipe.
Easy Operation,Reliable performance,High Extrusion Efficiency,Easy Maintenance

Main Design of PVC pipe machine

Pipe diameter Vacuum Calibration Tank Spray CZPT Tank Haul-off unit cutter
    Vacuum pump Drinking water
Duration(mm) H2o
Length(mm) caterpillar Quantity Motor Motor Cutting type
PVC63*two φ16mm-φ63mm 3kw*2 3kw*2 5000mm / / 2 one.5kw*4 one.1kw*2 Guillotine cutter
PVC-one hundred ten Φ40mm-φ110mm 4kw*1 4kw*2 6000mm / / 2 3kw two.2kw*one Guillotine cutter
PVC-one hundred sixty Φ50mm-φ110mm 5.5kw*one 4kw*2 6000mm / / three*3 1.5kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-250 Φ75mm-φ250mm 5.5kw*1 5.5kw*two 6000mm / / 3 one.1kw*three 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-315 Φ110mm-φ315mm five.5kw*one five.5kw*two 6000mm / / four one.1kw*four 2.2kw*one Planetary cutter
PVC-400 Φ160mm-φ400mm five.5kw*2 five.5kw*two 6000mm five.5kw*1 6000mm four one.1kw*four 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-630 Φ315mm-φ630mm seven.5kw*2 7.5kw*two 6000mm 7.5kw*one 6000mm 6 1.1kw*six 3kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-800 Φ500mm-φ800mm 11kw*2 7.5kw*two 6000mm seven.5kw*1 6000mm 8 one.1kw*8 3kw*1 Planetary cutter

Picture of our machine:

Die head

Vacuum Calibration CZPT tank

Haul-off unit


Sample merchandise by this extruder


Plastic Four out UPVC CPVC Water Pipe Production Extrusion Line