M12 High Output Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor Inductive Coil Vrs Sensor

M12 High Output Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor Inductive Coil Vrs Sensor

CZPTic Pace Sensor MEVS-08

MEVS collection magnetic pace sensor, do not require an external voltage supply for procedure. A long lasting magnet in the sensor establishes a mounted magnetic field.  The strategy and passing of a ferrous metal focus on around the sensor’s pole piece alterations the flux traces of the magnetic subject, dynamically altering its energy. This modify in magnetic discipline strength induces a present into a coil winding which is attached to the output terminals.

The output sign is an ac voltage that varies in amplitude and wave frequency as the pace of the monitored gadget adjustments, and is typically expressed in peak to peak voltage (Vpp). The increased the velocity, the higher the output voltage. The frequency is proportional to the pace.

Self-driven procedure
Simpe set up
Can detect pace 30rpm bare minimum
Large output signal, good anti-interference 
Can be utilised in severe atmosphere: smoke, oil and h2o vapor, and many others.

Equipment pace measurement
Motor RPM (revolutions for every moment) measurement on plane, automobiles, boats, buses, vehicles and rail autos
Motor RPM measurement on drills, grinders, lathes and automatic screw devices
Procedure speed measurement on foodstuff, textile, paper, woodworking, printing, tobacco and pharmaceutical industry machinery
Movement measurement on turbine meters
Motor velocity measurement of electrical equipment
Wheel slip measurement on autos and locomotives
Pace measurement of pumps, blowers, mixers, exhaust and ventilating enthusiasts


Item Parameters
Model MEVS-08
Housing Material SS
Inner Resistance 1.7KΩ±15%
Inductance 400mH±20%
Load resistance 100KΩ min
Sensing Distance two.5mm max
Output Sign Analog Voltage, around sine wave
Amplitude (p-p) VOL≥0.3V (Air hole .5mm, 50rpm)
CZPT CZPTity & Reverse CZPT
Doing work Temperature ~75ºC
IP Score IP65
Thread M12
Gear φ124, module 2, 60T, lower-carbon metal

Set up


M12 High Output Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor Inductive Coil Vrs Sensor