Laser Welded Finned Tube

Laser Welded Finned Tube

The advantages more than conventional Mag/HF welding are of decisive significance.
The total relationship in between the fins and the foundation tube provides about superb heat transfer and up to two.five moments greater thermal overall performance of the finned tubes.
The continuous weld prevents notch outcomes and v Corrosion and the development of cracks are consequently prevented also in the case of possibly oscillating finned tubes. 
The lower base steel heating during welding and the high pace of journey of up to 20m/min. minimise the warmth-affected zone in the foundation tube. CZPT melting of the tube and a associated metallurgical transformation of the mum or dad metals are consequently excluded.

·  slender, continuous weId seam
·  small heat-affected zone
·  only slight discolouration weld website
·  only slight microstructural modify in tube and fin
·  large utilization of warmth for forming the seam
·  increased safety because of the avoidance of crevice corrosion because of to the large weld integrity among tube and fin
·  no impurity of the weld seam, as the Laser-welding  is carried out under a protective ambiance

Content mixtures

Tube Strip
CZPT steel CZPT metal
CZPT steel Aluminium
CZPT metal Copper
CZPT Copper

·  Tube outside diameter 8.-fifty. mm
·  Fin outdoors diameter seventeen. -80. mm
·  Fin pitch 5 -13 fin/inch
·  Fin top 5. -seventeen mm
·  Fin thickness .4 – 1. mm
·  Maximum tube lengths 12. m

 Power Vegetation
·  CZPT towers or cooling water recooling crops with dry, dry / moist or soaked procedure  
·  Flue gasoline cooling and heating in flue gas desulfurisation scrubbers (FGD) and nitrogen eliminating plants  (DENOX)

· Heat exchangers of all varieties for cooling and heating of liquids and gases
· Heat exchangers tor nitric acid (HNO3) crops, e.g. for the fertilizer sector

 Heat Restoration Crops
·  Flue fuel coolers

 Heating CZPT
·  Primary heat exchangers in gasoline heating boilers
·  Secondary heat exchangers for domestic drinking water heating in condensing boilers

·  Heat exchangers for gasoline cooling of industrial furnaces
·  Heat exchangers for tank heating
·  Oil coolers for vacuum plants, ship plants, pumps and many others.
·  Heat exchangers for oil preheating


Laser Welded Finned Tube