Laboratory Refrigerated Vacuum Freeze Dryer Instrument with Stainless

Laboratory Refrigerated Vacuum Freeze Dryer Instrument with Stainless

CZPT refrigerated vacuum freeze dryer instrument with stainless


CZPT dryer is commonly used in medicine, pharmacy, biology study, chemical sector and foodstuff production,and so on. After the freeze drying approach, a long phrase preservation for items is a lot easier. They can be restored to the CZPT state and keep their chemical and biological qualities right after getting watered.
The vacuum freezing drying technology, which is also named sublimation drying, is a complex approach that freezes the samples in advance, and then sublimates its dampness in the vacuum state.


CFC Totally free refrigeration
Lcd exhibit drying curves, English interface
Big opening of condenser, condenser with pre-freezing perform
low noise compressor, excellent effectiveness,lengthy support existence
Condenser and operation panel are all stainless steel
Drying Chamber with natural glass is risk-free and visible
Shelf and tray are stainless steel, tray spacing CZPT
Small volume , easy and handy procedure
Nitrogen valve is optional
Eutectic position examination unit is optional
Interaction interface is optional
Cascade refrigeration is optional , applied for -80ºC device

Numerous variety for  freeze dryer

Regular sort freeze dryer Best-push freeze dryer
Manifold freeze dryer Manifold top-press freeze dryer
T kind freeze dryer  Vacuum pump for freeze dryer




CZPT drying area .12m²
Condenser capacity three-4 L /24h
Condenser temperature -55ºC (-80 ºC optional)
 Vacuum degree < 10 Pa
Material tray  Ф200mm , 4 layers
Bulk capacity 1.2L, 10mm thickness
Vial capacity Φ12mm 920 pcs
Vial capacity Φ16mm 480 pcs
Vial capacity Φ22mm 260 pcs
 Manifold with 8 ports
 Flask 1000ml,500ml ,250ml ,100ml
CZPT Air,draughty , ambient temperature≤25ºC
Voltage 220V ,50 Hz   110V, 50Hz  110V, 60Hz
 Power 700W 
 Dimension 460×625×(370+465) mm
Host weight  41 kg

1. How numerous types do you have?

For laboratory used, normal, top-press, manifolf, manifold leading-push and T kind are offered, complete 5 varieties.
For residence utilized, we have 1-2kg/batch and four-6kg/batch.

two. How to decide on the suited design?

To start with, what is your sample shape, bulk or in vials?
If bulk, choose typical sort. If in vials, pick prime-push type. If sample is different, decide on manifold.

Secondly, explain to us how numerous kilogram of your sample, then we will advise the appropriate model.

3. Does it which includes vacuum pump?


four. What is your guarantee?



Laboratory Refrigerated Vacuum Freeze Dryer Instrument with Stainless