Jbj-1000L Liquid Washing Homogenizing Mixer Steam Heating Type

Jbj-1000L Liquid Washing Homogenizing Mixer Steam Heating Type

JBJ-1000L Liquid washing homogenizing mixer of steam heating variety


1, High velocity disperser may possibly mixing and disperse viscously, sound and liquid etc. It really is used for create liquid washing merchandise like shampoo, dish washing, hand washing, lotion, liquid soap, detergent, gel and so on. Intricate scraping board mixing oar is suited to each variety of challenging recipe and obtain optimizing influence
2, CZPTtetrafluoroethylene scraping board cater to physique of mixing groove and scrape out viscosity substance on boiler wall
three, Homogenizer is mounted on boiler base to improve motor electrical power much more completely and strongly. In the course of handful of production, It can exert homogenizing impact entirely
four,Mightiness harmony isotactic curve rotor is matched with stator with corresponding framework to recognize liquid substantial-capacity cut,rubbing,centrifugal to make positive beautiful and slick merchandise boiler body and pipe floor mirror sharpening 300EMSH (sanitation grade) accords with CZPT CZPT and GMP regulation.
5, Major adopts stepless timing system which minimize babble occur under low temperature and higher viscosity condition less air bubble will be shaped
Concluded products can be discharged by valve or match a screw pump.
Homogeneous purpose is generally divided into: higher homogeneous, bottom homogeneous, internal and exterior circulation homogeneous (according to the generation procedure assortment).
Pot physique three stainless metal framework, mirror polished, in full compliance with GMP demands.forty% go over open on best, effortless to feed, straightforward to clear.

CZPT Parameter: 

Model Doing work Quantity Mixing Electrical power Mixing speed Homogenizer power Homogenizer speed Heating way
JBJ-200L 200L one.5KW -63RPM 2.2KW 3000RPM Steam heating
JBJ-300L 300L 2KW -63RPM 3KW 3000RPM
JBJ-500L 500L 3KW -63RPM five.5KW 3000RPM
JBJ-1000L 1000L 4KW -63RPM 7.5KW 3000RPM
JBJ-1500L 1500L 4KW -63RPM seven.5KW 3000RPM
JBJ-2000L 2000L five.5KW -63RPM 11KW 3000RPM
JBJ-2500L 2500L seven.5KW -63RPM 15KW 3000RPM

JBJ-1000L Liquid washing homogenizing mixer is also recognized as reactor, it is mostly applied in this kind of industries as daily chemical treatment merchandise, beauty, pharmaceutical industry, foods sector, paint and ink, nanometer supplies, petrochemical CZPT, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, good chemical market, and many others. (this kind of as glue, foodstuff seasoning, detergent, shower gel, shampoo and many others.). The mixer set mixing, homogenizing, dispersion (optional), heating, cooling and degassing (optional) capabilities this sort of as a single, is the best equipment for industrial creation.

Purpose and use

The equipment is suitable for the creation of various varieties of liquid washing product like shampoo, liquid cleaning soap, detergent, shower gel, lotion, hair condition etc. items in cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

Deal:  Standard Plywood Situation Packing

CZPT manufacturing facility: 


Jbj-1000L Liquid Washing Homogenizing Mixer Steam Heating Type