Huanggong Marine Clz Series Self-Priming Sea Water Pump

Huanggong Marine Clz Series Self-Priming Sea Water Pump

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CLZ Series CZPT Vertical Self-priming Centrifugal Pump/ Deep Suction H2o Pump

Brief introduction 

CLZ series marine vertical self-priming centrifugal pumps are utilized at cabin base to awesome water and fight fire. It is able to carry sea water below 70 levels. Refreshing drinking water and other non-eroding liquid.

Viewing from the motor stop downward, this sequence pump rotates clockwise.

Model Clarification

For the Model   65CLZ–5A 

65 stand for  pump inlet nominal diameter mm

CLZ stand for maritime-type vertical self-priming pump

 5    stand for Intergral benefit of one/ten of the particular velocity of pump

A   stand for impeller for the 1st time to improve. (B for the CZPT time)

Primary CZPT parameter: 

Kind Capacity
m three /h
Motor power
125CLZ-5/two 51/51 30/sixty five 1450 22 three.five 518
125CLZ-seven/two eighty/40 25/55 eighteen.five 3.5 524
125CLZ-nine/2 116/fifty eight 24/61 22 548
125CLZ-9/2A 141/62 25.five/fifty nine 22 four. 540
125CLZ-nine/2B 112/fifty four fifteen/52 eighteen.5 526
125CLZ-ten/two 110/fifty twenty/35 fifteen 4.two 488
150CLZ-6/2 95/ninety five 36.5/86 fifty five 4.9 806
150CLZ-six/2A 95/70 32/eighty 37 four.9  724
150CLZ-seventeen/two 149/ninety five 27.5/77 forty five 778
150CLZ-seventeen/2A 141/ninety five 16.5/60.5 37 736
150CLZ-15/2 199/182 33/seventy nine 90 five. 1190
150CLZ-12/2 199/ninety nine 23.five/70 forty five 5.1 772
150CLZ-7/two 124/120 33.5/77 55 four.eight 928
150CLZ-seven/2A 215/120 23.5/sixty five forty five 4.nine 840
150CLZ-7/2B 199/108 17/sixty.5 forty five 4.9 792
200CLZ-thirteen/2 257/124 24/sixty eight.5 55 4.three 936
250CLZ-9/2 348/174 22/71.five 75 4.six 1080
250CLZ-nine/2A 265/166 fourteen.5/62 75 five.two 916
250CLZ-19/2 389/182 22/70 seventy five 5.four 1110


Ahead of ENQUIRYING PLS Recommend Principal SPECIFICATION DATAS AS Subsequent:

Head, Capability, Medium,RPM, Materials, Voltage, etc.

Soon after sale service
One particular 12 months Warranty time. Inside of warranty time period, for non-artificial quality problem, we will restore and change spare parts for cost-free. Besides for normal wear and tear of areas.

We can give all type of pump

  1. centrifugal pump
  2. screw pump
  3. vortex pump
  4. gear pump
  5. diaphragm pump
  6. hydraulic deep well cargo pump
  7. electrical deep well cargo pump
  8. hand pump
  9. bulkhead seal
  10. tank washing machine

Huanggong Marine Clz Series Self-Priming Sea Water Pump