Helmet PC Eye Protecting Film Evaporation Metallizing Vacuum Coating Machine

Helmet PC Eye Protecting Film Evaporation Metallizing Vacuum Coating Machine

CZPTet Laptop Eye Defending CZPT Evaporation CZPTzing Vacuum Coating CZPT

[PVD] Bodily Vapor Deposition: Vacuum deposition techniques which can be employed to deposit skinny films and coatings.
DankoVAC CZPT Evaporation Vacuum Plating CZPTry is effortless to run with large efficiency, geared up with thermal evaporation technique. 
Framework Sort: Vertical composition or Horizontal composition. 
Substrate Materials: Stomach muscles,PS, Personal computer, PP, PVC, Nylon, TPU (CZPT materials), acrylic glass.
Advocate CZPT: Evaporation Coating CZPT
Construction Type:  Vertical structure or Horizontal structure. 
A. Coating CZPT:  Aluminum, Chrome, Cupper
B. Colour: Silver color, Gold coloration, Semi-transparency, Crimson, Blue, Environmentally friendly, Grey, Black, Multicolor
C. CZPT with: UV line 
D. Consumables in manufacturing: Aluminum / Chromium Wires, Paint


A. Disposable tableware, this kind of as fork and spoon
B. CZPT Artworks, this kind of as Christmas ball
C. Garments Add-ons, this sort of as buttons, zippers
D. Shoe CZPT, this sort of as heels
E. Fittings, these kinds of as enthusiast button, toys, phone shell, cosmetic bottle and cap
F. Glass jewellery, glass diamond, rhinestone, 
G. Vehicle logo, vehicle interior decoration parts
F. Other plastic products

A. CZPT to film forming, with higher deposition speed
B. Gorgeous Coloration, well distributed
C. Without having any gas or liquid wasted
D. Working stably with very good vacuum efficiency
E. CZPT processing solutions
F. Higher Expectations to management high quality

A. Pumps: 
CZPT pump + roots pump + diffusion pump + holding pump (or optional: cryogenic pump, cryogenic pump program)
B. Minimal Vacuum: 8*10-4 pa (cleanroom, no-loading)
C. Shaft: 6 / 8 /nine shafts
D. Electricity Sources: Resistance heating tungsten wire evaporator power provide,  high voltage ion bombardment energy supply,  thyristor electricity provide   
E. Controlled by Handbook, Semi-automatic, Total automated, PLC


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Helmet PC Eye Protecting Film Evaporation Metallizing Vacuum Coating Machine