Hard Gold Film Dlc PVD Vacuum Sputtering Coating Equipment Machine

Hard Gold Film Dlc PVD Vacuum Sputtering Coating Equipment Machine

Hard gold movie DLC PVD vacuum sputtering coating equipment device

[PVD] Physical Vapor Deposition: Vacuum deposition approaches which can be utilised to deposit slim films and coatings.
DankoVAC- Instruments PVD Thin CZPT Deposition Vacuum Coating CZPT is large carrying out and effortless operating, geared up with arc sputtering method. This machine delivers a wide variety of software, this sort of as hard film coating, abrasion resistance coating and exterior coating on tools of reducing, stamping, molding and metallic die-casting, with DLC (diamond like coating) operate to improve the hardness.
Substrate Materials: tools, cutter and mould
Advocate CZPT: Multi Arc Ion Coating CZPT
Construction Variety: Vertical composition, #304 CZPT Metal
A. Coating CZPT: Multi-functional steel movie, challenging movie, DLC film
B. CZPT Coloration: multi hues, gun black, titanium golden color, rose golden shade, stainless steel colour, purple colour and other more colors  
C. CZPT kind: TiN, TiC, CrN, ZrN, TiCN, TiCrN, TiNC, TiALN and DLC
D. Consumables in generation: CZPT, Chromium, Zirconium


A. CZPT mould market: dies, shear mould, CZPT mould and other moulds
B. Device business: drill, difficult alloy, milling cutter, broaches, screw faucet, screw fastener and gear cutter
C. CZPT market: piston, piston rings and alloy wheels.

Large deposition pace
High adhesion
Excellent Uniformity
Pollution Totally free
Simple procedure
CZPT conserving
CZPT processing providers

A. Pumps: 
mechanical pump + roots pump + diffusion pump + holding pump (or optional: cryogenic pump, cryogenic pump system)
B. Gasoline System: 1~four route
C. Constrained Vacuum: six*10-4 pa (cleanroom, no-loading)
D. Arc Supply : 4-18sets (in accordance to diverse machine dimensions)
E. Electricity Sources: DC energy offer, Medium frequency power provide, medium frequency energy offer, heater provide, activation power supply, pulsed bias voltage electrical power supply
F. Targets: DC CZPTic Target, Medium Twin Goal, Airplane Target
H. Fuel Time : 5*10-4 pa, inside of 30mins
I. Controlled by Manual, Semi-automatic, Total automated, PLC


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Hard Gold Film Dlc PVD Vacuum Sputtering Coating Equipment Machine