Fys Type Engineering Plastic Corrosion Resistant Submerged Pump

Fys Type Engineering Plastic Corrosion Resistant Submerged Pump

Sub-liquid depth: L=250—2500mm

Movement charge: Q=one.5M3/H—400M3/H

Head: H=6m—50m

Pace: n=1450r/min—2900r/min

Operating temperature: -5 ° C – 105 ° C

FYS kind engineering plastic corrosion-resistant liquid pump merchandise overview

      FYS variety engineering plastic submerged pump is the world’s outstanding corrosion-resistant content – fluoroplastic alloy. Our device utilizes FYS variety fluoroplastic submerged pump which is a vertical solitary-stage single-suction centrifugal pump with excellent anti-corrosion efficiency, large mechanical toughness, no aging and no toxin decomposition. It is employed to transportation any focus of acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive liquids which do not include sound particles and are not simple to crystallize. Largely fix the dilemma of robust corrosive medium transportation.

FYS kind engineering plastic corrosion resistant liquid pump parameter range

Sub-liquid depth: L=250—2500mm

Movement price: Q=one.5M3/H—400M3/H

Head: H=6m—50m

Speed: n=1450r/min—2900r/min

Running temperature: -five ° C – one zero five ° C

FYS type engineering plastic corrosion-resistant submerged pump item characteristics

      FYS variety fluoroplastic submerged pump is a vertical structure, the pump entire body and the impeller portion are immersed in the liquid, so it occupies a small region, and the shaft seal has no leakage phenomenon, so it is ideal for the corrosive liquid with a medium temperature of -5 ° C to one hundred and five ° C. . The steering of the pump ought to be commenced in the route indicated by the pump. It are not able to be reversed and the pump body should be submerged in the liquid at startup. A: Strengthened polypropylene. C: CZPTvinylidene fluoride. D: fluoroplastic alloy

FYS kind engineering plastic corrosion-resistant submerged pump use selection

FYS variety fluoroplastic submerged pump can transportation acid, alkali, salt, oil, beverage and other media, broadly employed in chemical, petrochemical, fantastic chemical, dye chemical, instrumentation, light business, metallurgy, textile, environmental defense, drinking water treatment method, CZPT, foods and other departments.

FYS variety engineering plastic anti-corrosion liquid pump materials

1 In order to guarantee the transport of diverse media and extended life, there are five sorts of resources.

A: Bolstered polypropylene – corrosion resistant stainless steel FRPP-ICr18Ni9Ti

B: Reinforced polypropylene – titanium FRPP-Ti

C: reinforced polypropylene – correct steel

D: bolstered polypropylene – fluoroplastic desk

E: Bolstered polypropylene – acrylic coating

2 In addition to the shaft, the resources that occur into get in touch with with the medium are as follows: F-four, silicon hydride, silicon carbide, drinking alloy, strengthened polypropylene.

three In purchase to prevent various issues caused by thermal growth and contraction deformation, the connecting pipe of the pump is produced of composite steel pipe.

The axial drive and radial force produced in the procedure of the 4FYS variety fluoroplastic submerged pump are managed by the adjustable bearing of the coronary heart, guaranteeing stable procedure and reduced noise.

5 The lower part of the pump is geared up with a water bearing. The pump with a depth of far more than one m is equipped with an intermediate drinking water bearing to make certain sleek and trustworthy operation of the pump.

FYS sort engineering plastic corrosion-resistant liquid pump interest

FYS sort fluoroplastic submerged pump disassembly and assembly

one. FYS kind fluoroplastic liquid pump If the pump is replaced or inspected, the valve can be shut, the flange connecting bolt and the base plate connecting bolt can be taken out, and the FYS kind fluoroplastic liquid pump can raise the pump out of the container with a lifting tool.

2. Area the bottom plate perpendicular to the set bracket, get rid of all the bolts of the pump body, just take out the pump cover and the impeller nut, and use the double hammer to flippantly hit the pump physique to get rid of the impeller.

3. FYS type fluoroplastic liquid pump replaces the flow bearing, the bottom plate does not go, as prolonged as the motor and the corresponding bracket are taken out, the pump coupling, the gland, the spherical nut are taken out, and the shaft sleeve is taken.

four. The get of assembly and disassembly of FYS sort fluoroplastic submerged pump is reversed. Spend consideration to the concentricity of the components on the shaft.

FYS sort engineering plastic corrosion-resistant submerged pump installation, use, upkeep

one. Following assembling the FYS kind fluoroplastic liquid submerged pump, flip the coupling to see if it is versatile. Verify for metal friction and screw the factors.

2. Check the concentricity of the pump shaft and the motor shaft. The left and right outer diameters of the upper and decrease couplings must not exceed .1 mm, and the end confront clearance of the coupling should be one to two.five mm.

three. The distance amongst the suction port of the FYS sort fluoroplastic liquid pump and the base of the container is two to three times of the suction diameter. The distance between the pump human body and the wall need to be increased than two.5 moments the diameter.

4. The outlet pipe of the FYS variety fluoroplastic submerged pump must be supported by a bracket, and its fat is not allowed to be supported on the pump.

5, FYS variety fluoroplastic liquid pump to verify the path of rotation of the motor, so that the course of rotation of the pump fulfills the path of indication.

6. Shut the gate valve on the outlet line and switch on the cooling water pipe.

7, FYS sort fluoroplastic liquid pump below the motor, slowly open up the outlet pipe gate valve to the essential situation, set into typical procedure.

eight. Always examine the situation of the pump and motor of FYS sort fluoroplastic liquid. The temperature rise of the bearing need to not exceed seventy five °C, and sufficient butter need to be extra in the bearing box.


  m3/h m mm KW r/min mm
25FYS-10 1.5 ten twenty 1.five 2900 three hundred


25FYS-eighteen three.6 18 20 two.two 2900
40FYS-15 5 15 32 three 2900
40FYS-20 10 20 32 3 2900
40FYS-30 10 thirty 32 four 2900
40FYS-forty ten 40 32 5.5 2900
50FYS-20 15 20 forty three 2900
50FYS-twenty five fifteen twenty five forty four 2900
50FYS-thirty fifteen 30 forty five.5 2900
50FYS-40 15 40 32 seven.five 2900
50FYS-fifty fifteen 50 32 seven.5 2900
65FYS-32 29 32 50 11 2900
65FYS-40 29 40 40 eleven 2900
80FYS-20 50 twenty sixty five 11 2900
80FYS-thirty fifty 30 sixty five 15 2900
80FYS-34 50 34 sixty five fifteen 2900
80FYS-40 50 forty fifty eighteen.5 2900
100FYS-32 a hundred 32 80 22 2900
100FYS-40 a hundred forty eighty 22 2900
50FYS-fifty 7.five 12.5 32 2.two 1450
65FYS-40 fourteen.five ten 40 3 1450
80FYS-forty 25 10 50 four 1450
100FYS-forty fifty 10 eighty 5.5 1450


Fys Type Engineering Plastic Corrosion Resistant Submerged Pump