Busch Pump Vacuum Meat Bowl Cutter-Bowl Cutter–Meat Machine

Busch Pump Vacuum Meat Bowl Cutter-Bowl Cutter--Meat Machine

Busch Pump Vacuum Meat Bowl Cutter  

YC Mechanism Vacuum Cutter CZPT is founded on practical development with many years of experiences. CZPT, high-capacity machine for industrial production of all types of top quality sausages, such as dry sausages, boiled sausages, cooked sausages and canned goods. We are known throughout the meat industry for the quality and reliability of our range of bowl cutters, manufacturing a few Models from 125 L to 420 L.

The primary components of machine we using good high quality CZPTe manufacturer.
one)vacuum pump is BUSCH
two)bearing is JAPAN NSK with diameter 630mm strain design, the minimal expense equipment utilizing bearing is
Tapered roller bearing with diameter 300mm
3)motor is SIEMENS Specific frequency conversion motor
four)Frequency Changer is YASKAWA  with Vector consistent torque product,this very good Frequency Changer can make confident the point out and pace of knife ,
low expense equipment making use of frequent Frequency changer,if meat is thick the pace of knife will be reduced thirty-40%
5)electrical parts is using Swiss ABB SKF bearing so on.

Due to excellent coordination of cutting speeds, bowl speeds and form of knives, we offer the technology for processing large pieces of meat. Saving time isn’t the only advantage of using our Vacuum bowl cutter to emulsify, coarse chop or fine chop products. Not only is the grind/mix/regrind process time consuming, but you are missing an opportunity to extract the maximum amount of protein from your meat mixture so you can produce high-good quality, value-added products. Maximum protein extraction translates to increased binding and weight retention, which equals less cookout and increased yields.

Model Volume
Cutting speed(r/min) Pot Speed(r/min) Discharger speed (r/min) Energy
Cutter Quantity Rated voltage Vacuum Level
ZKZB-125 a hundred twenty five three hundred~4200 ~ten Stepless speed(available upon request) 35.two six 380 ~-.085
ZKZB-two hundred 200 400~4000 ~10 Stepless speed(available upon request) 86.4 6 380 ~-.085
ZKZB-330 330 360~3600 ~6  Stepless speed(available upon request) 102.four 6 380 ~-.085
ZKZB-420 420 360~3600 ~six Stepless speed(available upon request) 144.4 six 380 ~-.085


Large-graded SUS 304 stainless steel construction with 6 blade knife-headed Cutter.
 Smooth surfaces giving the Cutter most sanitary design for easy and fast clean-up.
 Innovative axle shaft design.
 CZPT water feeding system (optional).
 Superior quality solid stainless steel bowl attached with large diameter bearings & guarantees a smooth Vibration-free cutting.
 Touch-Screen Monitor System (All movements – Loading/Unloading, Bowl cover, Knives & Bowl Speed, Vacuum system, Batch No, Time of process, CZPT temperature, Volume of water added, Fault diagnostics) by touch of a finger on Coloured LCD display.
 Designed with observation windows and material filling hole.

We generate meat equipment 30 many years,manager is an expert enginner ,we have buyers  using our complete line machines in DUBAI and other countrys.


Busch Pump Vacuum Meat Bowl Cutter-Bowl Cutter--Meat Machine