Automatic Laundry Liquid Detergent Pod Machine

Automatic Laundry Liquid Detergent Pod Machine

This gear make drinking water-soluble packaging for liquid, gel and powder goods in water-soluble films.Water-soluble movie is a slender film utilised to sort packages which dissolve in contact with h2o.The PVA drinking water-soluble film is commonly used to pack liquid laundry detergent,washing powder,disinfectant,missible oil pesticide,oil chemical compounds agent,paint and some other non aqueous oil program, applicable for a large variety of dimension and shape.The machine can automaticly complete film stretch,pod producing ,content filling, sealing and cutting,etc.It is a rotary drum/h2o-sealing type packaging machine made for small device-dose/one pack of water soluble pod/pouch/capsule.The making capacity is 4000-10000 packs for each hour,is dependent on the articles point out and dimension of package. Every single of the packaging equipment can be made in various shape and dimensions.

Applications of water-soluble packaging

CZPT disinfectants
CZPTs for water treatment method
Constructing mixes
Animal Care


Advantages of packaging in the water-soluble film:

Exact weight premeasured doses of the solution (Not essential for even more weighing or measuring)
Risk-free handling – no chemical compounds in get in touch with with pores and skin, cozy and simple to use.
Keep away from dust inhalation
No loss of merchandise spills


  • Exterior high vacuum pump from Busch Germany,no air pollution.
    Press-pull Siemens wise touch display screen(contain interaction cables) and Siemens PLC.
    CZPT inverter pace-regulating method(incorporate communication cables).
    CZPT servo rinse method.
    Temperature sensors and controllers made by Siemens Germany.
    Electrical power off period and reverse section defense.
    CZPTtric leakage protection system, instantly reduce off the electricity offer when it occur, to protect safety of operators.
    Integral side plate assistance manufactured of aluminum alloy(Patent No.ZL2004200390983),substantial energy and excellent straightness,hardly to distort.
    CZPT tensioning system, pneumatic brake, prestress adjustable for both leading movie and base film.
    Very good quality stainless steel chain from Italy/Japan.
    CZPT components Japan SMC.
    Equiped with movie trim winder.
    Geared up with movies deviation automated correction program.
    Outfitted with film stress regulation program, the personal computer can immediately recognize sizes of rollers, automatically change the pressure of the films to keep the same stress of higher and lower films.
    With automatic liquid filling system.

CZPT datas for Kind BE-320:

Item Information Unit
CZPT kind Drum-variety
CZPT technique Drinking water sealing
Width of higher film 305 mm
Width of base movie 325 mm
Measurement of working chamber Φ840X310 mm
Exterior dimensions 4000*1200*2100 mm
Max forming depth 20 mm
Packing quantity variety 8-35 gram
Package deal dimensions assortment (20~65)*(20~sixty five)*(ten~20) mm
Making capability 4000-ten thousand pcs
Energy supply 380V / 50Hz
Total energy 7.0  approx Kw
Complete fat 1500 kg


Packing samples:


Automatic Laundry Liquid Detergent Pod Machine