6BTA5.9 Cummins Marine Diesel Engine and Spare Parts with Low Price and Factory Directly

6BTA5.9 Cummins Marine Diesel Engine and Spare Parts with Low Price and Factory Directly

ZheJiang monarch electricity engineering limited give you the CZPT  cummins diesel motor which made by  cummins China!

We can offer you the cummins  6BT5.nine M120 6BTA5.9M150 maritime engine with extremely great value! ! !

Requirements of the cummins  6BT5.9 M120 6BTA5.9M150 marine diesel engine!

Engine Product 6BT sequence maritime engine
Bore * Stroke 102mm * 120mm
Cylinder amount 6 cylinders in line
Air-Consumption variety Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Engine Displacement five.9L
Gas injection pump Advertisement injection pump
Engine CZPT approach Constructive h2o cooling cycle
Rotation Route Counter-clockwise (Going through the flywheel)

Motor design   6BT5.9   6BTA5.nine
Speed (rpm) 2200 2200
Rated Power (kw/HP) 90/a hundred and twenty 110/a hundred and fifty
Max energy (kw) 100kw/2270rpm 120kw/2270rpm
Web weight (kg) 432 443
Overall Dimension (mm) 1571mm*675mm*986mm
Rotation Course Counter-clockwise (facing flywheel)

cummins  marine engine Motor Design Rated Electricity &speed (kw/rpm)

  marine motor 4BTA3.9-GM47 47/1500
  marine motor 4BTA3.9-GM65 65 /1800
  marine engine 6LTAA8.9-GM200 (IMO)two hundred/1500
  marine motor 6LTAA8.9-GM215 (IMO)215/1800
  marine motor 6BT5.nine-GM80 eighty/1500
  marine motor 6BT5.9-GM83 eighty three/1500
  marine engine 6BTA5.nine-GM100 a hundred/1500
  marine motor 6BTA5.9-GM120 one hundred twenty/1800
  marine motor 6BTAA5.9-GM115 a hundred and fifteen/1500
  marine engine 6CT8.3-GM115 115/1500
  marine motor 6CT8.three-GM129 129/1800
  marine engine 6CTA8.three-GM155 a hundred and fifty five/1500
  marine motor 6CTA8.three-GM155(IMO) a hundred and fifty five/1500
  marine engine 6CTA8.three-GM175(IMO) one hundred seventy five/1800
  marine motor 6BT5.nine-M120 ninety/2200
  marine motor 6BTA5.nine-M150 110/2200
  marine motor 6CTA8.three-M188 138/2328
  marine motor 6CTA8.3-M205 151/2328
  marine motor 6CTA8.three-M220 164/1800
  marine motor 6LTAA8.nine-M300 224/1800
  marine engine 6LTAA8.nine-M315 230/2134
  marine motor NT855-M270 270/1800
  marine engine NT855-M300 300/1800
  marine engine NT855-M240 240/1800
  marine motor NT855-M300 three hundred/1800
  marine motor NTA855-M400 four hundred/2100
  marine engine NTA855-M350 350/1800
  marine motor NTA855-M450 450/1800
  marine motor KT19-M425 425/1800
  marine motor KTA19-M470 470/1800
  marine motor KTA19-M500 500/1800
  marine engine KTA19-M550 550/2100
  marine motor KTA19-M640 640/1800
  marine engine KTA19-M600 600/1800
  marine engine KTA19-M700 seven hundred/2100
  marine motor KT38-M600 600/1800
  marine motor KT38-M800 800/1800
  marine motor KT38-M780 780/1800
  marine motor KTA38-M900 900/1800
  marine engine KTA38-M900 900/1800
  marine engine KTA38-M1000 a thousand/1800
  marine motor KTA38-M1200 1200/1800

Engine Model 6BT series marine engine
Bore * Stroke 102mm * 120mm
Cylinder number 6 cylinders in line
Air-Intake type Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Engine Displacement 5.9L
Fuel injection pump AD injection pump
Engine CZPT method Positive water cooling cycle
Rotation Direction Counter-clockwise (Facing the flywheel)


Engine model   6BT5.9   6BTA5.nine
Speed   (rpm)        2200 2200
Rated Power (kw/hp)            ninety/one hundred twenty 110/150
Max power (kw) 100kw/2270rpm 120kw/2270rpm
Net weight (kg) 432 443
Overall Dimension (mm) 1571mm*675mm*986mm
Rotation Direction Counter-clockwise (facing flywheel)


6BTA5.9 Cummins Marine Diesel Engine and Spare Parts with Low Price and Factory Directly