4kg Pilot Laboratory Chemical Vacuum Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

4kg Pilot Laboratory Chemical Vacuum Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

4kg pilot laboratory chemical vacuum freeze dryer lyophilizer


CZPT dryer is commonly employed in medication, pharmacy, biology analysis, chemical market and foods manufacturing,etc. Following the freeze drying method, a prolonged phrase preservation for products is significantly less difficult. They can be restored to the CZPT condition and keep their chemical and organic traits soon after becoming watered.
Freezing and drying procedure of LFD-30F  are completed in the very same location (patented solution). It alterations the cumbersome procedure of the drying approach in the past, helps prevent the contamination of materials, and realized dry sublimation automatically. The product is outfitted with shelf heating and has programmable functions. It can memorize freeze-dried curves and arrives with u-disc extraction function for users to notice the lyophilization process of components.



1. In-situ vacuum freeze dryer is our firm’s patented solution, which can end pre-freezing and drying in-situ, effortless to work, very good drying impact.
2. The drying chamber doorway is made of ACRYLIC material, which is colorless, clear and can be observed in the complete approach of lyophilization.
3. The pneumatic (discharge) valve adopts a protection diaphragm valve, which can be connected to an inert fuel source. Following drying, it is stuffed with inert gas to prolong the shelf daily life of the substance.
4. Patented fuel guiding engineering, the ice lure is evenly trapped and the ice trapping capability is strong.
5. CZPTly renowned model compressors, twin-equipment cascade refrigeration, higher performance, vitality conserving, lengthy support existence and minimal sound.
6. The patented engineering of the separator and the fuzzy management engineering of the separator temperature, the temperature big difference of the shelf is modest, the temperature control precision is large, and the drying impact is uniform.
7. CZPT-drying curve optimization control technologies, which can handle the cooling fee in the course of the pre-freezing phase, and control the heating charge of the sample and the vacuum value of the present stage in the sublimation and analytical drying stages.
8. Strong sensor calibration to guarantee precise measurement of long-expression use.
9. 7-inch true shade industrial embedded touch display + SH-HPSC-II modular controller, substantial control precision, steady and reliable performance.
10. Professionally created FD-PILOT management technique can preserve hundreds of method recipes, every group is made up of 50 temperature control sections to increase approach optimization rate.
11. CZPT info recording technique, actual-time recording and show of chilly entice temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum diploma curve, export knowledge can be browsed and printed by laptop and a variety of operations to facilitate approach optimization and drying influence verification.
12. Versatile guide + automated handle manner, manually employed for groping procedure, instantly utilized for batch manufacturing.
13. True-time alarm exhibit and historical alarm inquiry function, hassle-free for fault prognosis and tools servicing.
14. Person degree and password can be established and decentralized for procedure administration.


Silicone oil heating freeze dryer CZPTtric heating vacuum freeze dryer



Product LFD-30F
CZPT-dried location .4m2
Materials plate size 295 × 335mm
Variety of content trays four
Shelf dimensions 300 × 340mm
Quantity of shelves 4+1 floors
Shelf spacing 50mm
Shelf temperature selection -fifty ° C ~ +70 ° C
Shelf temperature variation ±1 °C (balanced)
Chilly lure temperature ≤ -75 ° C (no load)
Water catching capacity ≥8KG/24h
Pumping price 6L/S
Greatest vacuum ≤5pa (no load)
Installed electrical power 4500t
Host bodyweight 400kg
Mainframe dimensions 920 × 780 × 1350mm
CZPT technique air cooling


· Eutectic stage tester
· CZPT-drying endpoint judgment operate
· CZPTed brand name vacuum pump
· Vacuum pump anti-return system
· Oil mist filtration technique
· Vacuum regulation system
· LYO-MEGA Software System
· Cell Application checking program
· Data Logger
· Backfill filter
· CZPT backfill and drainage handle program
· Exterior hanging system
· Non-CZPT customization

1. How many sorts do you have?

For laboratory used, regular, top-press, manifolf, manifold leading-press and T variety are offered, whole five kinds.

two. How to choose the suitable design?

First of all, what is your sample condition, bulk or in vials?
If bulk, select typical variety. If in vials, decide on leading-push sort. If sample is various, choose manifold.

Next, notify us how many kilogram of your sample, then we will suggest the suitable product.

3. Does it like vacuum pump?


4. What is your guarantee?



4kg Pilot Laboratory Chemical Vacuum Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer