2xz-B Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

2xz-B Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Product overview

This sort of pump is double phase high speed oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. It is geared up with gasoline-ballast valve. Its purpose is to fill the exhaust place with certain amount of air ,when the valve is open ,so to lessen the proportion of the partial force of vapor in the complete discharge strain .As the partial pressure of vapor is reduce than that of the saturated vapor stress corresponding to the operating temperature of the pump, vapor can be discharged from the pump with the filled air in get to stay away from condensation of vapor in the pump oil and to avert oil from emulsifying by the condensed vapor so as to lengthen the valuable lift of oil .Nonetheless the supreme vacuum of the pump shall fall ,and the temperature of the pump shall rise when the fuel-ballast valve is open.

This type pump has the exceptional achievements of little dimensions, significantly less weigh ,peaceful operation  and easy to start .Aside from devices to prevent from sucking again of oil and leakage of oil from axle sealing to contaminate surroundings are also presented.

Discipline of Software
1. The pump is 1 of the simple equipments to exhaust a sealed vessel. It can be employed possibly independently as primary and can also be served as forepump for booster pump diffusion pump and molecular pump or as keeping pump for a vacuum system and as a pre-pumping for diverse types of the pumps. So that is can be utilized in electro-vacuum industries, vacuum flask manufacturing, vacuum welding and as an accessory to these fine gauges or meters in which vacuum is essential .It is far more suitable for laboratory use since of its little size ,less excess weight and silent operation .

two.The pump is authorized to operate continuously for numerous hrs at a extend underneath atmospheric temperature of 5ºC-40ºC and ingestion pressure beneath 1230pa.While the pumped gasoline made up of moisture of a relative humidity of far more than 90% gas-ballast valve must be open up.

three. Whit the inlet port extensively opened to atmosphere the pump is not permitted to work a lot more than one moment.

four.The pump is not ideal for pumping above-oxidized, poison, explosive and corrosive fuel as nicely as gases which respond chemically with the pump oil include particles of dust.

Company overview

1988:proven headquarter in ZHangZhoug, mostly create vacuum pump SK series for medication industry

1997:set up a revenue branch in ZheJiang

1998:analysis and develop SK-A,SK-D sequence for plastic market

2007:set up international trade section and begin foreign trade company


Principal goods:

Liquid ring vacuum pump:SK,SK-A,SK-D,2SK,2SK-B,2BEA,and so on

Centrigugal pump: IZ(BL),and so on

Rotary vane vacuum pump:2X,2XZ-B,VRD,XD,etc 


CEISO9001:2000 ISO14001:2004


2xz-B Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump