2sk Type Two Stages Water Ring Vacuum Pump

2sk Type Two Stages Water  Ring Vacuum Pump

Item Description
2SK Kind Two Levels Water Ring Vacuum Pump  is a type of rough vacuum pump, which can acquire 2~4kPa ultimate strain. Pumps of this sequence possess compact structures, and are dependable to use, hassle-free to set up and disassemble, and straightforward to sustain.
As the gasoline compression approach of the drinking water ring pump is below isothermal problem, the flammable and explosive gases can be exhausted, as effectively as gases made up of dust and h2o As a result the software of the water ring pump is developing.

It is mainly utilised for pumping air and other gases which have specified corrosively and a modest amount of dust, which are not soluble in drinking water, and commonly used in numerous technological processes in the petroleum, chemical, equipment, mining, mild market, paper-making, power, metallurgy, drugs, foodstuff and other industries and municipal and agricultural sectors, this sort of as vacuum filtration, vacuum feeding, vacuum degassing, vacuum evaporation, vacuum focus, vacuum resurgence, and so forth.


Product Ability
Ultimate Pressure
Power (Kw) Velocity
Stream of CZPTing Water (L/min) Diameter


2SK-1.five one.5 3.3×10³ four 1440 ten~15 Φ40 two hundred
2SK-3 3 three.3×10³ seven.five 1440 15~20 Φ40 295
2SK-6 6 3.3×10³   fifteen 1460 twenty five~35 Φ50 480
2SK-twelve 12 3.3×10³   22 970 forty~50 Φ100 a thousand
2SK-twenty twenty three.3×10³ 37 740 sixty~eighty Φ125 2100
2SK-thirty 30 three.3×10³   55 740 70~90 Φ125 2500

2sk Type Two Stages Water  Ring Vacuum Pump